Talks and workshops

Dave Haslett is available for talks, workshops, seminars and literary festivals in the UK. He is an experienced speaker who always gives fantastic value. He’s often praised for his ability to see things from other people’s perspectives, and puts things across in simple terms that everyone can understand. He strives to make each talk and workshop fun-packed as well as fact-packed, and there’s always plenty of audience involvement.

Talks and workshops are available on a variety of topics, and the length can be adjusted to suit your needs. All talks and workshops include a question and answer session, and there will be an opportunity to talk to Dave about his books and buy signed copies.

Short story writing workshop

This unique, highly interactive workshop covers all the main story writing topics, including characters, plots, setting, dialogue, description, structure, and much more. You’ll also learn exactly what magazine editors are looking for, what turns them off, and how to win writing competitions.

Dave is an experienced competition judge and knows exactly what the judges are looking for, how to make your entry stand out, mistakes to avoid, and how the judging process works.

In conjunction with this workshop, Dave will be happy to run a short story competition amongst the members of your group, and will give feedback and commentary on the entries and why they succeeded or failed.
(Workshop – minimum 3 hours)

How to get your book published

How to find and approach mainstream and independent publishers, what to send and where to send it, how to get an agent, how to guarantee that your book gets accepted, what happens after you’ve been accepted, how to publish your book yourself, how to sell lots of copies.

Writing a novel (and how to get it published)

Like “How to get your book published”, but with the emphasis on novels

Writing a non-fiction book (and how to get it published)

Like “How to get your book published”, but with the emphasis on non-fiction

Writing your life story (and how to get it published)

How to turn the events in your life into wonderful stories and books that people will want to read. Plus how to get them published, and how and where to sell them.

Self-publishing workshop

High quality book publishing on a budget, no previous experience necessary. A complete walk-through of the entire process – what you need, where to get it, how to use it, procedures to follow, inside secrets, how to avoid being ripped-off, and the best alternatives if you’d rather let someone else do all the work.
(Workshop – full day)

Book marketing masterclass

For published or self-published authors. Don’t expect your publisher to sell your books for you; unless you’re a big name author they leave all that to you these days. Fortunately you can boost your sales enormously with very little effort and a bit of know-how – which this masterclass will give you.

How to create great ideas

…and what to do with them when you have them.

The fastest way to write your book

Dave explains why he wrote it, how he wrote it, and how you can do the same. Plus speed-writing tips and tricks, highlights from selected chapters, and a thrilling live demonstration of some of the concepts in action – just to prove that it really works!

The internet – a writer’s guide

Why every writer needs it, how to use it, what’s on it, how to find things easily, how to write for the internet, how to sell your work online. Includes a guided tour of some of the best web sites and tools for writers. (Please note: the venue must have Wi-Fi so we can go online.)


Dave is very flexible and can give talks and workshops that combine elements from any of the above topics. Just tell him what you need.

Please note that Dave requires at least 3 months’ notice prior to giving a talk.

He also recommends that wherever possible you open your event up to a wider audience than just your group, perhaps by getting it mentioned in a local newspaper or putting up a poster in the library (we can supply the posters). This means that more people will come to the talk, and some of them might also be interested in joining your group, so it’s a great way of recruiting new members. You could charge an admission fee for non-members, or charge members a lower rate than the general public.

While he’s in your area, Dave can also give short talks and hold book-signing sessions in local bookshops, libraries and other venues if they’re interested.

For further details please email:

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