Software for writers

Dragon NaturallySpeaking
This software allows you to type at around 160 wpm without typing – you just speak the words and it turns them into text for you, straight into the word processor of your choice. No spelling mistakes, more than 99% accurate, and it can cope with regional accents and speech impediments. It knows that umms and errs shouldn’t be included, which is very clever. And it can automatically insert all the punctuation for you too.

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

Step-by-step story development system that takes you from initial concept to finished novel or screenplay. Just follow the 200 interactive story cards and they’ll tell you exactly what to do. Free demo available. (PC only)

Like having an expert editor at your side. Detects and fixes more than 35,000 language problems and makes your writing clearer, more concise and more professional. 10 times more powerful than any grammar checker. British and American English language packs included. (PC only)

A dead simple, completely brilliant outliner. Organise your book, story, article or life! It runs in your web browser, or use the iPad or Android apps – they’re all free. (Paid upgrade also available – $4.99/month – which adds collaborative features, different fonts, Dropbox backup and unlimited use.) The free version is limited to 250 new bullet points per month (or 500 if you use the link above, and even more if you recommend it to your friends).

WriteItNow 5 – Novel writing software
Write and store complete novels; Generate characters, names and ideas; Store background details; Display charts; 10 free add-ons (character personalities, historic timelines, and more). Highly recommended by ideas4writers. Free demo available. (PC and Mac)