Info for guest bloggers

Guest bloggers are very welcome. We do not charge for guest blogs. But we do not allow blatant promotion or advertising.

By all means tell our readers about your book or service, but do it in a way that fits the theme of our blog.

Start by telling us who you are and what you write about or what service you provide. Tell us about your background and show how you’re qualified or experienced to write this book or run the particular service.

If you’ve written a book, for example, our readers want to know about the ideas behind it.

How did you come up with the first big idea that triggered the whole project? (Tip: it helps if there was something unusual about it!)

How did you evaluate it to decide if it was worth writing a whole book about?

How did you come up with all the other ideas in the book?

Did you use any special/secret techniques or software, either to come up with the ideas or to write/edit the book? (If so, can you describe how it works or review it?)

How did you evaluate these ideas? How did you decide which ones were good and which ones were bad?

How did you organise/design your book?

How did you do your research? Do you have any interesting stories to share about the experience?

What other books/articles/blogs have you written?

You could also:

Tell us about some of the bad ideas you rejected.

Share some of the book marketing ideas you’ve tried and say whether they worked or didn’t work (and why you think that was).

Share some ideas that might make good books/stories/articles but you won’t ever have time to use them (that’s why we started ideas4writers in the first place!)

Tell us about your publishing experience(s) and share any humorous (or tragic) rejections you’ve received.

Ask/answer questions.

Discuss/review some of the technical aspects of writing – the best word processors, apps, grammar/style checkers, storytelling software, outliners, etc.

Please also supply a photo of yourself and your book cover – or something that represents your service – as well as a  link to your website/blog/Amazon page, etc.

We don’t guarantee to publish your guest post on the blog – but we will if we like it. It’s your job to make sure we like it.

You can reach us at