Date-A-Base Books 2019 and 2020 sorted by date

Goods news for fans of our Date-A-Base Book series: we’ve just released the 2019 and 2020 editions in “sorted-by-date” format (1st January, 2nd January, etc) as well as our traditional chronological order. When you buy a copy, you’ll receive the links to download both versions.

If you’ve already bought the chronological version, email us if you’d like the sorted-by-date version and we’ll send you the link. We’re at

ideas4writers members please email us if you’d like a copy.  You can download both versions from the members’ area of our website. But that part of the site is currently inaccessible because of a technical issue – we’re hoping to have it back online within the next few days.

Please note that the printed version (which you’ll need to order from Amazon) is only available in chronological order.

The 2021 edition should be available from the end of March 2019.

The Date-A-Base Book 2020 is here!

cover20_3d_247x264_transThe Date-A-Base Book 2020 is now available!

Details of over 1,800 newsworthy and notable anniversaries in 2020, including important events, inventions, discoveries, significant births and deaths, and more.

Get your copy now at


(Lifetime members can download it free of charge from the members’ area.)

The printed version should go on sale within the next few days – though you will have to buy it from Amazon rather than our own website. We’ll post another message here as soon as it’s available.

The Date-A-Base Book 2019 paperback

dab2019The Date-A-Base Book 2019 is now available in print as well as a PDF ebook.

The printed version is a large-format paperback.
Size A4 (approx 11.5″ x 8.5″).
100 pages.

To buy the PDF ebook version please go to our website:

To buy the paperback version please go to Amazon:

The Date-A-Base Book 2019 is here!

cover19_3d_transThe Date-A-Base Book 2019 is now available!

Details of 1,500 newsworthy and notable anniversaries in 2019, including important events, inventions, discoveries, and significant births and deaths.

Buy your copy at

(Lifetime ideas4writers members can download it free of charge from the members’ area.)

As previously advised, we’ve gone back to our old format, with only the top 1,500 most significant (and useful) events of the year included. This makes it much faster to produce.

We are only producing the chronological version this time, not the “grouped by date” version. But as there are only about 8 pages for each month, you should be able to find the dates you need quite easily.

We should be able to get the printed version on sale within the next few days – though you will have to buy it from Amazon rather than our own website. The advantage is that wherever you live, you should only have to pay local shipping rates rather than airmail from the UK. Unfortunately, it will have a regular paperback binding, not the spiral wire binding we’ve used for the last few years. We’ll post another message here as soon as it’s available.

Is there any demand for a Kindle version? Please let us know in the comments or email Kindle editions have never sold particularly well when we’ve tried them in the past. If there’s no demand, we’d rather get on with producing the 2020 edition.

Best wishes


The Date-A-Base Book 2019 – saved!

Great news, folks!

Thanks to some creative thinking, we’ve finally managed to save The Date-A-Base Book series. Work on the 2019 edition is now well underway and we hope to release it around the middle of March.

We’re going back to our original format of listing the top 100 – 120 anniversaries per month – as judged by me.

Listing 400 anniversaries per month, as we did in the most recent editions, was unsustainable and unprofitable. And, fascinating as they were, I’m not sure they were really of that much use to people.

We’re going to go straight on and work on the 2020 edition as soon as the 2019 edition is completed. Hopefully, that one will be available around the end of April.

Then we’re going back to updating and rereleasing the ideas collection books. The next ones will be Fantasy (May), Mystery & Suspense (May), Comedy (June), Characters (July), and Writing for Children (August).

Help us save the Next Year’s News series!

dab1718As you may have heard, we haven’t been able to produce the 2019 edition of Next Year’s News (formerly known as The Date-A-Base Book). Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to do it. Producing a research-intensive book like this takes several months of full-time work. And that means we need to sell enough copies to cover the cost of our time in producing it. The 2017 and 2018 editions did not cover their costs. So we’ve had to switch our attention to other projects that generate an income.
We know that many of you were dismayed when we announced the series was ending. We were dismayed too. We know that some of you had come to rely on it, and used it to generate your own income. But, sadly, the books were losing us a lot of money.
Over the past few weeks, we’ve been trying to save the series. We’ve tried to recruit someone to run a crowdfunding (Kickstarter) campaign for us, with the aim of pre-selling 1,500 copies of the 2019 edition. Sadly, that effort has failed because no one with any crowdfunding experience has come forward.
But there is another way. We’re going to make one final, last-ditch attempt to save the series. And this is where we need your help.
We’re going to try and sell as many copies of the current 2018 edition as we possibly can, and see if we can raise the funds that way instead.
In order to save the series, we need to sell an absolute minimum of 1,200 copies. So far, we’ve sold just 130 – but at least we’re past the 10% mark.
We need your help to get a big word-of-mouth campaign going, and really get those sales flooding in.
Please will you help us spread the word? Let’s see if we can reach our target of 1,200 copies and save the series.
If you know anyone who would benefit from a copy of Next Year’s News 2018, please will you either buy them a copy or send them to so they can get one for themselves?
A note about printed copies:
As we only sold 30 printed copies of the 2017 edition, the 2018 edition is only available electronically (as a PDF file). But the PDF file is printable, so you could make your own printed copy. Or you should be able to take the file to any high street print shop and ask them to make you a spiral-bound copy with card covers.
Here are just a few of the ways in which people are using the book. Do you know anyone who works in any of these industries?
  • TV/radio/production companies use it to as a source of ideas for shows about upcoming historic anniversaries. They also use it as a source of ideas for features and snippets to include within other shows.
  • News websites, newspapers and magazines use it for their “on this day in history” features.
  • Writers and journalists use it for ideas for newspaper and magazine articles that tie in with upcoming anniversaries. This is a fairly untapped market, as very few people are doing it. Yet the articles are reasonably easy to research and write – and there are thousands of ideas for them in each book.
  • Novelists and filmmakers use it as a source of ideas, and also for historically accurate background details and sub-plots.
  • Museums use it for exhibition ideas.
  • Historians use it as a source of ideas for their books, articles and lectures.
  • And other people are using it in all sorts of interesting ways.
Can you think of anyone who could benefit – and potentially make money – from their copy?
We are ready and willing to begin work on Next Year’s News 2019, just as soon as we sell enough copies of the 2018 edition to cover the cost of producing it.
We will produce a half-length version within three months of starting work on it, and the full version within five months. If we sell enough copies of the 2019 edition, we will go straight on to produce the 2020 edition, aiming to have it finished by October 2018, and then the 2021 edition, aiming for a spring 2019 release.
But all of this depends on us selling enough copies of the current 2018 edition. If we don’t reach our target, then we will have no choice but to end the series, with the current edition being the last.
Once again, we urge you to help spread the word and/or buy extra copies of the 2018 edition for people you know. Let’s see if we can save this series, and maybe even give it a whole new lease of life. It would be such a shame to lose it.
Thank you for your time.
Here’s the link to get the 2018 edition again:

[UPDATED] Wanted: crowdfunding expert. Reward: up to 50 percent of funds raised

notes-1199516_640HELP! We’re looking for someone with experience of running a Kickstarter campaign. Do you know of anyone? Can you help spread the word?

The aim of the campaign is to raise the funds to produce the book “Next Year’s News 2019”. This is our annual collection of historic and newsworthy anniversaries for the coming year. It’s used by several high-profile companies and writers. This will be the 12th annual edition. We have not run a crowdfunding campaign before, but have relied on sales direct from our website.

There was dismay when announced that we were discontinuing the series because we weren’t selling enough copies. Some of our regular customers had come to depend on it.

Here’s a typical response: “I am desolate at the thought of you stopping your wonderful book. It has enriched my website for years! Whatever will I do without you?”

So we’re considering a Kickstarter campaign that will raise at least £15,000. The idea is that at least 1,500 people or companies will each pay £10 to order their copy of the book in advance. If we reach the target, we’ll drop everything and get it written by the spring of 2018. If we don’t reach the target, the series will be officially retired.

We don’t have the expertise to be able to pull this off ourselves, but we’re sure someone out there does. If not you personally then perhaps a friend of a friend. We’ll give that person a share of whatever the Kickstarter campaign raises. (However, they only get paid if the campaign reaches its initial target.)

The reward tier:

If the campaign fund fails to reach £15,000, you will receive £0.00

If it hits £15,000, you will receive 10% (at least £1,500)

If it hits £20,000, you will receive 20% (at least £4,000)

If it hits £30,000, you will receive 30% (at least £9,000)

If it hits £50,000, you will receive 50% (at least £25,000)

Achieving a figure of £50,000 (equivalent to 5,000 copies sold) won’t be easy, but it’s certainly possible if you have the crowdfunding skills to pull it off.

If you’re interested in running the campaign:

Please email us: and tell us about your previous experience of running a successful Kickstarter campaign. (If it wasn’t successful, you need to be confident that it would be if you did it again – lessons learned, etc.)

We can supply any graphics or text that might be required – just tell us what you need.

If you require any additional items or services that we cannot supply, e.g. promotional materials, video, advertising, they must be funded by you.

If you want to see what the book looks like, here’s the link to the 2018 edition:

Or email us at the address above and we’ll send you a pdf of the 2017 edition.

The 2018 edition has only sold about 120 copies so far, which is why the series will be discontinued unless we can get the funding. The minimum number of copies required for a viable product is 1,500.

We think there should be a lot more demand for it. Previous editions have sold significantly more than the current one. But we don’t seem to be reaching the right people (admittedly our marketing in recent years has been minimal). We also believe that Google is preventing people from finding our website because it isn’t mobile responsive yet, and we haven’t had the time to fix it.

Another issue we have is that people regard the series as their “secret weapon” and keep it to themselves. Now that they risk losing it if they don’t spread the word, that ought to be enough to persuade them help. We have the contact details for everyone that has bought a copy previously, so you’d be able to email them and try to enlist their support.

The books are currently used by several international broadcasting networks, and they buy copies year after year. So the quality of the product, and our reputation, are both top-notch.

The key targets for marketing purposes would be media/production companies, newspapers, journalists, and article writers. Secondary targets could include event planners, libraries, and educational establishments.

If the campaign is successful, we will want to run it again in subsequent years to fund future editions. The campaign to raise funds for the 2020 edition would begin as soon as the 2019 edition is completed. We would aim to complete the 2020 edition by October 2018 – subject to it being funded.