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The official ideas4writers blog is maintained by Dave Haslett, the Creative and Technical Director at ideas4writers.

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Dave is the author of “The fastest way to write your book” and the forthcoming “The fastest way to sell your book”. He is also the co-author of the Date-A-Base Book series with his wife Kate.

Dave has been writing since the age of 13 when he wrote and illustrated a comprehensive encyclopaedia on freshwater tropical fish. Sadly that book is no longer around and Dave has kicked himself many times for not keeping it.

Since then he has written novels, screenplays, cartoon scripts, short stories, articles, columns, non-fiction books, songs … and even the (very) occasional poem.

He spent far too many years behind an office desk – and quite a few under them – as a computer technician, programmer, web designer and network administrator. He’s relieved to be away from that sort of thing now, and is delighted to be able to adopt more civilised working hours: i.e. he sleeps all day and works all night.

Dave and Kate have two daughters, aged 5 and 13, and live in Cullompton, Devon, UK.

Dave is available for talks, workshops and seminars on writing and publishing topics throughout the UK.

2 Responses to “About us”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Hey, you mentioned that StoryCraft Pro 4.3 is the version to get and that 5.0 is no good. Well, I left messages with the manufacturer and they haven’t returned my calls or emails…so I dunno if they are out of business.

    Anyone there know how I can get a copy of 4.3? Eval? Purchase? (don’t tell me to google it…I’m on that…


  2. Dave Haslett Says:

    Hi Kerry. As far as we can tell, v4.3 has been permanently withdrawn from sale and replaced with v5, which is no good and you MUST NOT buy it. A few people have tried to buy it and didn’t get anything in return. They had to cancel their card payment and get a refund through their bank.

    We’ve tried contacting the manufacturer ourselves but have had no reply. It’s a strange way of doing business, I’m sure you’ll agree. And a real shame too, because v4.3 was such a great product.

    Until we can find something better (and NewNovelist definitely isn’t it), we’re currently recommending that you get StoryWeaver instead (available from storymind.com).


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