New ideas4writers website and blog

We have a lovely new website, and have moved to

The new website is also the new home of the ideas4writers blog, which now features extracts from our Date-A-Base Books. If you’ve been following the blog for a while you’ll probably remember these from a few years ago. We’ve brought them back!

We’re posting extracts 6 months in advance. As it’s currently June, this month’s extract features 31 historic anniversaries in December 2019 – one for each day.

We’ve also reintroduced Lifetime memberships. New members can sign up for a one-off payment of £79 and get access to all of our books – a total value of more than £230. New members will also be able to download new books and new editions as we release them, at no extra charge.

Current Lifetime members: you can download all of our books at the new site, just as before, but we’ll need to manually move your account from the old site to the new one. Please email us at if you would like your account moved.

The writing engines are not yet working on the new site. (They weren’t working on the old one either). They’re still a work-in-progress.

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