Date-A-Base Books 2019 and 2020 sorted by date

Goods news for fans of our Date-A-Base Book series: we’ve just released the 2019 and 2020 editions in “sorted-by-date” format (1st January, 2nd January, etc) as well as our traditional chronological order. When you buy a copy, you’ll receive the links to download both versions.

If you’ve already bought the chronological version, email us if you’d like the sorted-by-date version and we’ll send you the link. We’re at

ideas4writers members please email us if you’d like a copy.  You can download both versions from the members’ area of our website. But that part of the site is currently inaccessible because of a technical issue – we’re hoping to have it back online within the next few days.

Please note that the printed version (which you’ll need to order from Amazon) is only available in chronological order.

The 2021 edition should be available from the end of March 2019.

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