New Book: 102 Powerful, Gripping and Intriguing Ideas for Thriller Writers


Here’s the next book in our rebranded series of ideas and story prompts for writers.

All of the ideas have been edited and updated;
there’s a lovely new cover;
the Kindle price has been slashed to just 2.99;
and it’s available in paperback for the first time too!

It’s only available from Amazon, and to comply with their exclusivity requirements, we will no longer be selling it on the ideas4writers website.


Here’s the new description:

Write thrillers your readers will never forget!

No more ponderous, over-used plots; clichéd, one-dimensional characters; and stories that lack imagination and depth. Your plots will be epic, compelling and fresh; your heroes and villains will be complex and memorable; and your stories will blow your readers away.


  • The Easy Way to Write Thrillers
  • The Formula that Works Every Time
  • The Best Heroes and Villains for your Stories
  • How to Thrill and Scare your Readers
  • How to get your Hero out of Trouble – in any situation
  • How to use the Different Types of Deadline
  • How to Increase the Drama to nail-biting levels
  • And much more
  • Plus you’ll get 40 great scene and storyline ideas you can use immediately or adapt as you wish

Here are those all-important links:

Kindle edition:


We’ll be working on the Science Fiction collection next. It should be available in time for Christmas.

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