What If? 31 Creative Writing Prompts for December

Hello! Here’s this month’s selection of What Ifs to stimulate your writing brain. Let’s see what can you do with these! Some are deliberately vague or ambiguous so you can interpret them in different ways.

There’s one for each day of the month. If you need more, please take a look at our book The Fastest Way to Get Ideas – 4,400 Essential What Ifs for Writers.

What if…

1. they evacuated Earth and you were one of the few who stayed behind?

2. you told someone you felt sorry for them, but didn’t get the reaction you expected?

3. you used a work skill outside of work?

4. you used something you’d learned in school that you thought you’d never have a use for in real life?

5. you defended the indefensible?

6. you were tricked into saying something in another language that didn’t mean what you thought it did?

7. your toilet was really hungry?

8. your toilet ate you?

9. vehicles only went where they wanted to go?

10. you had a secret identity – online, in the real world, or both?

11. you had your own think-tank?

12. you were hugely respected?

13. you were renowned?

14. you had a bit of a reputation?

15. you had a pair of glasses that enabled you to see ghosts?

16. you ended up in another country, with no idea how you’d got there?

17. your case was to be heard by the Supreme Court?

18. you had never lasted a full week (or even a full day) at any job?

19. you became an Olympic gold medalist?

20. NASA needed your expertise?

21. one of the intelligence services summoned you to join them for a month-long secret mission?

22. teenagers started using your name as rhyming slang for the latest swear word?

23. a product that your family had used for generations was revealed to be toxic – which perhaps explained their early deaths?

24. it was free to get in but you had to pay to get out?

25. you changed the main thing about yourself?

26. parents decided what their children should be taught at school?

27. you escaped into the fictional world of a novel but couldn’t get back out again?

28. every war had turned out the opposite way?

29. we all stopped learning at 8 years old?

30. the general public was paid to solve crimes?

31. Earth was the only planet and the Sun was the only star?

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