Reviewers and bloggers wanted!

dab_cover_17We’re looking for reviewers and bloggers who would be interested in reviewing The Date-A-Base Book 2017.

The book gives details of more than 3,800 newsworthy anniversaries in 2017, including significant historic events, inventions, discoveries, births and deaths. We publish them months in advance to allow time for research, writing and editing.

We believe it’s the ideal reference/source book for writers, journalists, editors, TV and radio producers, researchers, film-makers, teachers, speakers, event planners and quiz setters.

If you’d be willing to review it, and your blog or website is aimed at this sort of audience, please contact us by email ( giving the address of your blog or website. We’ll send you a free PDF copy by return.

How to Win Short Story CompetitionsIf The Date-A-Base Book 2017 doesn’t appeal to you or your audience, how about How to Win Short Story Competitions? Ask for a free review copy of that one instead – or as well!

Thanks in advance for your help.


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