Here’s next year’s news … today!









We’re testing this ad. What do you think? It should be appearing in writing magazines, Facebook ads … and just about everywhere else we can think of/afford in a few weeks’ time.

Does anything need tweaking? Does it stand out? Do you understand the message? Does it make you want to visit the website and find out more? We hope you’ll tell us before we spend a huge amount of money blasting it out to the world!

We tried a version with prices on, but as the currency exchange rate is fluctuating so much at the moment it didn’t really work. Would knowing the price make you more inclined to find out more about the book?

(The ebook is £9.99 which, as I write this, is US$13.21 or €11.99 – that’s around 10% lower than a week ago.)

By the way, thanks to the Brexit thing, this is a fantastic time to buy any of our books if you’re outside the UK. Or become a member and get all of our ebooks (current and future) for one stupidly low price. Grab a bargain while our country’s in a mess!


3 thoughts on “Here’s next year’s news … today!

  1. I love the `come-on` slogan and the blue and yellow panels are very eye-catching & appealing, but I feel there`s a bit too much text in between. I couldn`t take it in immediately and I know what you`re advertising, so I think it might put newcomers off. I think ad. readers are a lazy lot and don`t want the bother of looking carefully at smaller subsidiary text. Your smaller text is vital, so perhaps fewer words would be more tempting to readers.

    Good luck with it.


  2. I agree with Frances Cave’s comments about the striking slogan and appealing colours. My suggestion for changes to the text would be to cut some of the unnecessary words. For example, the headline might be punchier if it read simply ‘Next year’s news today’. The first sentence in the text could be something like ‘Media everywhere constantly need newsworthy anniversary pieces’, followed by ‘Write in advance – Get to the editor first’. The final sentence could be ‘Thousands of newsworthy anniversaries to make money from’.

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