What If? 30 Creative Writing Prompts for June

Hello! Here’s this month’s selection of What Ifs to stimulate your writing brain. See what can you do with these! Some are deliberately vague or ambiguous so you can interpret them in different ways.

There’s one for each day of the month. If you need more, take a look at our book The Fastest Way to Get Ideas – 4,400 Essential What Ifs for Writers.

What if…

1. you were always formal?

2. people gave you their opinion?

3. you had a duty?

4. someone else was responsible for your progress?

5. someone else was responsible for your problems?

6. it was payback time?

7. you didn’t want to hurt their feelings?

8. you wanted to hurt their feelings?

9. you wanted to ruin their chances?

10. the person described in the news reports sounded an awful lot like you?

11. it was all you ever did?

12. you didn’t know why?

13. you didn’t say anything that hadn’t already been said?

14. your membership was refused?

15. your application was turned down?

16. they said they were full but you knew they weren’t?

17. you decided to sort it out yourself?

18. someone kept signing you up for things?

19. everything you started writing turned into something else?

20. the machines took over?

21. it was time for action?

22. you had nothing to say?

23. you had nothing to do?

24. your hands started shaking?

25. you couldn’t let it happen?

26. you did it because you could, and for no other reason?

27. you liked to use your size to your advantage?

28. you laughed inappropriately?

29. someone bought you?

30. you decided to backpack around the world?

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