What If? 30 Creative Writing Prompts for April

Here’s this month’s selection of What Ifs to stimulate your brain – what can you do with these? Some of them are deliberately vague or ambiguous so you can interpret them in different ways!

There’s one for each day of the month. If you need more please take a look at our book The Fastest Way to Get Ideas – 4,400 Essential What Ifs for Writers.

What if…

1. love was a liquid?

2. life was a liquid?

3. you thought (perhaps rightly) that you were a time traveller from another era and you had been stranded here?

4. you discovered that your boss had died 5 years ago … so who the heck were you actually working for?

5. the greatest song ever recorded was cruelly ignored?

6. you couldn’t stop asking “why”?

7. you thought a celebrity might be your real parent?

8. you thought a celebrity would offer your children a better life than you could, so you tried to get them adopted by that person?

9. you only loved someone for their money?

10. you heard about an unsolved crime from years ago and decided to solve it?

11. one (or more) of the keys on your keyboard didn’t work?

12. you changed colour depending on what food you’d been eating?

13. you changed colour depending on the mood you were in?

14. your mind warped?

15. you got what you wanted?

16. you didn’t get what you wanted?

17. the document didn’t save properly?

18. the password didn’t work?

19. you got dressed in the dark and didn’t know exactly what you were wearing?

20. you had a lucky break?

21. you sent the wrong file?

22. you knew the truth?

23. you didn’t know the truth?

24. lots of people kept wishing you a happy birthday – but you didn’t know them (optional extra: and it wasn’t your birthday)?

25. you celebrated a stranger’s birthday?

26. you went to a stranger’s funeral?

27. you accepted an offer – even though the people making it didn’t really mean it and were just being polite?

28. you made an offer that you were sure would be refused, but it wasn’t?

29. you began to wish you’d never started it?

30. it all came about because of a mistake?

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