Book updates

Hello! A couple of book updates to tell you about:

kindle cover 2017 smallThe Date-A-Base Book 2017 is now available on Kindle

Get yours here: UK : USA
(Other countries please search for it in the Kindle Store)

If you send us your Amazon receipt after buying it we’ll also send you the PDF version, which is designed for bigger screens and is also printable.

Printed copies should be available from our website in about 2 weeks – we just sent it off to the printers today.

To buy the PDF version please visit

Ditch Your Day JobWe’ve also updated Ditch Your Day Job! The easiest way to make a living as a writer. It’s now been updated for 2016, and although the main text is little changed from the original 2015 edition, it now includes the complete Date-A-Base listing for September 2016 (around 300 entries). There’s also a detailed example of one of the entries from that month that shows you how you could write multiple articles about it and find suitable (paying) publications to send them to. The most profitable use of your time is to get the articles accepted before you even write them, guaranteeing that you get paid for everything you write. See the book for more details – it shows you exactly how to do this.

The PDF version is a free download from our website (, or there’s a small charge (99p) if you want the Kindle version (UK : USA).

As it’s such a short book (only 15 pages for the main text + another 36 pages for the list of anniversaries) there’s no printed version. But the PDF version is printable.

Brassica Park update

Dave has completed Act 1 (15 chapters) of his new novel Brassica Park. But he’s having to take some time out to write a business plan for the swimming pool campaign charity he chairs – it has to be presented to the Town Council during the third week of March. Hopefully he’ll back up to full novel-writing speed straight after that, and will be able to crack on with Act 2.


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