What If? 30 Creative Writing Prompts for September

Here’s this month’s selection of What Ifs to stimulate your brain – what can you do with these? Some of them are deliberately vague or ambiguous so you can interpret them in different ways.

There’s one for each day of the month. If you need more please take a look at our book The Fastest Way to Get Ideas – 4,400 Essential What Ifs for Writers.

What if…

1. you were granted access to an unlimited amount of money?

2. you decided to use your wealth to manipulate something that most people have no control over?

3. access was refused?

4. your presence was not welcomed?

5. your presents were not welcomed?

6. it wasn’t as glossy as it first appeared?

7. you could never tell a book by its cover?

8. you lived in an environment that had not been designed for humans?

9. you misused your vote?

10. you lost your mind?

11. getting revenge wasn’t enough?

12. it was payback time?

13. you had unlimited power?

14. you weren’t tall enough to get on?

15. a drug you relied upon was banned?

16. you survived a crash?

17. you were involved in a feud that became a worldwide media circus?

18. you started a campaign for your favourite TV show to be continued?

19. the fact that you earned less than someone else bothered you, and you decided to do something about it?

20. no one made it the way you did?

21. you’d been planning the trip for weeks but when you got there it was closed?

22. you got them to open up anyway?

23. you reinvented yourself?

24. it was your job to find and exploit loopholes?

25. everything was staged or faked?

26. the world lost its colour?

27. you didn’t think twice about it?

28. it was a really big deal?

29. you used the most inappropriate expression?

30. reviews of your latest masterpiece called it ‘ill-advised’?

– – – – – – –

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