The ‘arm injury’ update

Hello! A little while ago I said we’d be improving this blog – and it only partially materialised. The expanded list of What Ifs happened, but not the other things. Also The Date-A-Base Book 2017 was due out in June and hasn’t appeared. So what’s gone wrong?

Two things: (a) I was heavily involved in running this year’s town fair, which raised over £1,600 for charity and (b) I’ve hurt my right arm and can’t do very much.

The arm thing is all down to what I can only describe as ‘abuse’. Copy/pasting the entire Date-A-Base Book 2016 into date order last month kind of set things off. But on top of that I had to hammer 16 advertising signs into the ground around town for the fair, hammer 4 coconut shy poles into some (very hard) ground, hump some (very heavy) tables around, instruct competitors in the ‘welly wanging’ contest, and so on.

My arm is now so well abused that it won’t take any more. The tendons are massively inflamed and I can barely move it. The pain keeps me awake at night, so I’m sleeping at odd times whenever the pain eases a bit. I’m on painkillers and (very strong) anti-inflammatories, and I’ll need ultrasound treatment if it hasn’t improved in 3 weeks.

Anyway… all the things I promised previously will still happen; they’ll just take a little longer because I can’t go very fast at the moment.

We should get a complete version of The Date-A-Base Book 2017 out by the end of the month, but it probably won’t be in its usual grid format because I can’t manage the copy/pasting. (I asked Kate if she’d consider doing it, but her answer is unfit for publication.)

Next week’s blog will feature the Date-A-Base list of anniversaries for January 2016, and the following week we’ll run the same list of article ideas (based on one of the anniversaries) that appears in Ditch Your Day Job: the easiest way to make a living as a writer.

Next month should (hopefully) include everything we previously promised in the expanded blog, including the bigger list of What Ifs, 50 Date-A-Base anniversaries for February 2016, and a full page of brand new article ideas based on one of the February anniversaries.

In other (very good) news: our missing author, Dr. Ellis Silver, has returned home, according to his family. You may remember that he went missing last August and hadn’t been seen since. We don’t have any other details at the moment; we’re just relieved that he’s home and safe. In due course we’ll ask him about the second edition of his book Humans are not from Earth, but now is definitely not the right time.


2 thoughts on “The ‘arm injury’ update

  1. A guy asked his doctor for a large batch of Viagra, why, asked the doctor. I have my ex wife, my girl friend and my new wife to attend to this weekend, so the doctor gave him what he asked for. Monday came the guy was at the doctors complaining his arm was hurting terribly. What did you do asked the doctor. None of my ladies turned up was the reply!!!

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