What If…? 31 Creative Writing Prompts for May

Welcome to the new and improved ideas4writers blog!

You’ll notice some definite improvements this month. The first improvement is that we’ve expanded the monthly list of What Ifs from ten per month to one per day – so here are 31 for May.

If you need more, please take a look at our book The Fastest Way to Get Ideas – 4,400 Essential What Ifs for Writers.

What if…

1. the vast majority of people suffered from suicidal tendencies?

2. there was a good reason why UFOs crashed on Earth?

3. a failed writer shook hands with as many successful writers as he could meet, crushing their bones so they couldn’t write any more?

4. everyone drove their cars like dodgems/bumper cars/Mario Kart?

5. every word in the dictionary was misspelled?

6. the meaning of every word in the dictionary was incorrect?

7. someone published simple instructions that guaranteed endless wealth – and you were the only one who did/didn’t follow them?

8. having been told it’s better to give than to receive, you gave all your money and assets to charity and were made bankrupt?

9. the idea of heating/cooking food had never taken off?

10. electricity had never caught on?

11. your favourite sports team was cursed?

12. we found a brand new resource on Earth that we could exploit?

13. you didn’t like any TV show?

14. you couldn’t read?

15. you couldn’t write?

16. fiction was outlawed because it was “lies”?

17. everyone knew everything?

18. no one knew anything?

19. there was no such thing as news; everything was covered up or declared a secret by the government?

20. the occult was outlawed – and that included things like TV listings and planning schedules because they foretold the future?

21. guardian angels were as solid and visible as living people?

22. you found out that you had only been born because your parents wanted to harvest your organs for spare parts?

23. you couldn’t use touch screens?

24. there was a war on; maps were banned and destroyed; GPS was switched off; and no one was allowed to give directions?

25. all public transport was free?

26. the government’s attempt to persuade more people to become doctors worked too well and everyone abandoned their careers to join the medical profession?

27. there was no such thing as ownership?

28. your parents did not allow any books in the house?

29. everyone evaluated their potential partners by their ability to either write poetry or quote it?

30. Britain became a republic?

31. everyone had to take their own ingredients to restaurants, and chefs were expected to cook with them even if they didn’t know what they were and even if some of the ingredients were missing?

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