We’re redesigning our website – how should it look?

Google says we have to redesign our www.ideas4writers.co.uk website to make it mobile phone compatible. So we thought we’d take the opportunity to give it a thorough makeover, as it’s been several years since the last overhaul. Your thoughts and ideas for the new design would be most welcome.

(Note: we’re talking about the redesign of our main website, not this blog. We’ll sort out the blog another time.)

Here are some things you might like to consider:

Do you find the current site easy to use?

Is it easy to buy things?

What would make it easier?

What would you like to see on the front page?

Do you ever use the anniversary lists or what ifs that are on the front page, or should we remove them?

Would you like to see something else on the front page instead?

Do you like the cartoon-style images on the front page and on the covers of the ideas books, or should we replace them with something more professional?

Should we list every book we sell on the front page to make buying them easier?

For lifetime members only:

Do you ever access the members’ section using a smartphone?

You can post your comments on our blog at ideas4writers.wordpress.com, leave a comment in our Facebook group facebook.com/groups/ideas4writers, email us at mail@ideas4writers.co.uk or post something on Twitter @ideas4writers

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “We’re redesigning our website – how should it look?

  1. Hi, the main thing is it needs to be wider, due to the length of the blog posts. Social media icons to connect with you might be good too, along with contact details. And it could do with a funkier theme – this looks like a newsletter :) Mine are both wordpress.com so it can be done without costing a fortune. And they passed the google algorithm test too!

    1. Thanks Jaye, though you seem to be talking about the blog, not the website at ideas4writers.co.uk, which is what we are asking about. We are unable to put that site onto WordPress because of the complex programming behind the scenes that looks after the memberships, shopping cart, writing engines, forums, and so on. We’ll sort out the blog at a later date – but that’s a separate issue! Right now we’re only looking for ideas and opinions about our main website.

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