The easiest way to make a living as a writer

Your next writing room?
Why doesn’t your office look like this?

Last Monday I started writing a short article about how you could use our Date-A-Base Books to make a living as a writer. It grew and grew and by Thursday it had become a book – and I think you’ll like it!

I’m giving away the PDF version for the next 7 days, so grab a copy now and share it while you can. I’ll then create a Kindle version which will be free for 5 days (the PDF version will disappear because Amazon insists on exclusivity.) After that it will be added to our order form as a paid product.

The book is called Ditch Your Day Job – the easiest way to make a living as a writer. If you know anyone who hates their job, needs a second income, or wants to be a writer but doesn’t have the time to do anything about it, please send them a copy.

The first part of the book (about 15 pages) explains exactly how to do it, and the second part contains the complete chapter for September from The Date-A-Base Book 2015 (well over 300 anniversaries) so you can get to work straight away. There are also some links to article-writing courses in case you need help getting started.

As with The Fastest Way to Write Your Book, there are all sorts of clever bits, time-savers and cheats, which mean you can make a good living from writing while not having to do much work. Plus there’s a guarantee that you’ll get paid for everything you write. All of which means you’ll have plenty of time to work on your novel or screenplay or whatever you’d most like to write, while having an independent income, being able to write anywhere (such as at the beach) and not having to do a job you hate.

Download your free copy of the PDF version here.

(Don’t forget to forward a copy to everyone that you think would benefit from it.)

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