One of our authors is missing

You may remember that we published an ebook by the American ecologist Dr Ellis Silver last year. The book was Humans Are Not From Earth. Dr Silver is supposed to be working on an extended version of the book for us. He sent us an early draft in July and we hoped to have received the final version by now. Unfortunately when we made enquiries as to why it had not yet arrived we learned that Dr Silver was reported missing in August and has not been seen since.

He was due to speak in Portugal on 2nd August, but just hours before the event the organisers received a message, purporting to come from him, saying he was unable to attend. We’ve been advised that there are two worrying things about this message: first, he never cancels this sort of event – it’s completely unheard of; and second, the message (which was sent from his own email account) claims to have been sent ‘from the office of’ Dr. Ellis Silver. This second part is most concerning since he handles his own bookings and doesn’t have an ‘office’ in that sense, so it’s unlikely he would ever use this phrase.

We understand the relevant authorities are working hard to locate him and we’ll update you when we hear anything further. We hope he turns up safe and well in the very near future and have sent our best wishes to his family and colleagues.

(It should be noted that the name Ellis Silver is a pen name we gave him. He was due to speak in Portugal under his real name, which we do not have permission to reveal.)


One thought on “One of our authors is missing

  1. Rather worrying. If it was just a few weeks I’d be tempted to think he or his PR were playing a promotion prank. This has gone on too long for that I fear. Also perhaps he’s sunk into a depression or breakdown in a kind of OTT stage fright as Steven Fry once did. I suppose a conspiracy theorist might say our outer space originators have come for him. Whatever has happened I hope he is well.

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