50 Newsworthy Anniversaries in February 2015 for you to write about (and make money from!)

Here are 50 newsworthy anniversaries coming up in February 2015 for you to write about (and make money from). The anniversaries are listed 6 months in advance to give you enough time for research and writing.

We have painstakingly cross-checked every entry, but you are advised to check all facts again as part of your research. Please let us know of any errors you find.

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200 years ago (24 Feb 1815)
Death of Robert Fulton, American engineer and inventor who developed the first commercially successful steamboat.

150 years ago (15 Feb 1865)
Death of Nicholas Wiseman, British cardinal. The first Archbishop of Westminster. He helped to revive Catholicism in England.

150 years ago (20 Feb 1865)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) held its first classes, in the Mercantile Building, Boston.

100 years ago (1 Feb 1915)
Birth of Sir Stanley Matthews, British football player. One of the greatest British players of all time. Particularly noted for his dribbling skills. The first British player to be knighted.

100 years ago (4 Feb 1915)
World War I: Germany announced that it would impose a naval blockade around Britain from 18th February, and British waters would become a war zone. (The blockade was lifted in Sept after pressure from the USA. But it was re-imposed in Feb 1917, leading the USA to enter the war.)

100 years ago (4 Feb 1915)
Birth of Sir Norman Wisdom, British stage, film and television actor and comedian. Best known for his physical knockabout comedy and hapless on-screen character Norman Pitkin which made him a celebrity in unlikely parts of the world. He later played more serious roles to great acclaim.

100 years ago (8 Feb 1915)
The première of D. W. Griffith’s classic silent film The Birth of a Nation, in Los Angeles, California, USA. The controversial U.S. Civil War film was based on Thomas Dixon’s novel and play The Clansman. (Released 3rd Mar.)

100 years ago (12 Feb 1915)
Birth of Lorne Greene, Canadian television actor. Best known for playing Ben Cartwright in Bonanza and Commander Adama in Battlestar Galactica.

100 years ago (13 Feb 1915)
Birth of Aung San, Burmese nationalist leader. Considered the father of modern Burma (now Myanmar). Father of the politician Aung San Suu Kyi. (Assassinated July 1947.)

100 years ago (19 Feb – 25 Apr 1915)
World War I – the Dardanelles Campaign. Ottoman victory. The Royal Navy’s attempts to pass through the Dardanelles in order to disrupt Ottoman shipping were thwarted. The Allies decided to launch a land assault instead, but this also failed.

80 years ago (6 Feb 1935)
The board game Monopoly first went on sale in the USA.

80 years ago (26 Feb 1935)
Nazi Germany reformed the Luftwaffe (military air force). It had been disbanded in 1920 under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles after WWI.

80 years ago (26 Feb 1935)
British radio engineer Robert Watson-Watt demonstrated a working radar system for the first time, in Daventry, UK.

75 years ago (7 Feb 1940)
The première of the Walt Disney film Pinocchio, in New York City, USA.
(Released in USA: 23rd Feb, UK: 13th May)

75 years ago (11 Feb 1940)
Death of John Buchan, British statesman, novelist (Prester John, The Thirty-Nine Steps), biographer and Governor General of Canada (1935-40).

75 years ago (16 Feb 1940)
World War II: the Altmark Incident. Royal Navy sailors boarded the German tanker Altmark and freed 299 British prisoners-of-war. As they were in Norwegian waters, this was a breach of Norwegian neutrality. (This incident convinced Hitler that the Allies would not respect Norway’s neutrality, and Germany invaded Norway on 9th April.)

75 years ago (27 Feb 1940)
Carbon-14 was discovered by Martin Kamen and Sam Ruben at the University of California Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley. (Its presence in organic materials forms the basis of radiocarbon dating.)

70 years ago (3 Feb – 3 May 1945)
World War II – the Battle of Manila, Philippines. The U.S./Philippines successfully recaptured the capital city from Japan and ended Japan’s occupation of the Philippines, but the city was totally destroyed and over 100,000 civilians were killed.

70 years ago (4 – 11 Feb 1945)
World War II – The Yalta Conference, Crimea. U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin met to plan the final defeat of Nazi Germany. Stalin also agreed to enter the war in the Pacific within 3 months of the war in Europe ending.

70 years ago (13 – 15 Feb 1945)
World War II: the Bombing of Dresden, Germany. The Allies carried out 4 massive bombing raids, completely destroying the inner city and killing about 25,000 people.

70 years ago (16 – 26 Feb 1945)
World War II – the Battle of Corregidor, Philippines. U.S. Victory. The island was recaptured from the Japanese who had held it since May 1942.

70 years ago (19 – 26 Mar 1945)
World War II – the Battle of Iwo Jima, Japanese Volcano Islands. U.S. victory. (The iconic photo of U.S. Marines raising the American flag on top of Mount Surabachi was taken on 23rd.)

60 years ago (18 Feb – 15 May 1955)
Operation Teapot – the USA successfully detonated 14 nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site, with the twin aims of improving nuclear weapons and establishing tactics for ground forces on a nuclear battlefield.

60 years ago (19 Feb 1955)
The South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) was established in Bangkok, Thailand, with the primary objective of preventing further Communist gains in the region. (Dissolved 1977.)

60 years ago (24 Feb 1955)
Turkey and Iraq formed the Baghdad Pact – a pact of mutual cooperation similar to NATO. (The UK, Pakistan and Iran joined later that year. It became the Central Treaty Organization [CENTO] in 1959 when Iraq withdrew. It was dissolved in 1979.)

50 years ago (1 Feb 1965)
Peter Jennings became the youngest network news anchorman in the USA at the age of 26, hosting Peter Jennings With the News on ABC.

50 years ago (1 Feb 1965)
Joe Orton’s play Loot was first performed, in Cambridge, England.

50 years ago (15 Feb 1965)
Canada adopted its national flag, the red-and-white maple leaf design.

50 years ago (15 Feb 1965)
Death of Nat King Cole, American jazz/swing/ballad singer and pianist.

50 years ago (18 Feb 1965)
The Gambia gained its independence from the UK.

50 years ago (21 Feb 1965)
Death of Malcolm X, controversial African American Muslim leader and human rights activist. (Assassinated.)

50 years ago (23 Feb 1965)
Death of Stan Laurel, British-born American comic actor and writer (Laurel and Hardy).

50 years ago (28 Feb 1965)
Death of Adolf Schärf, President of Austria (1957-65).

40 years ago (11 Feb 1975)
Margaret Thatcher became the first female leader of the Conservative Party in the UK.

40 years ago (21 Feb 1975)
Watergate Scandal: the former U.S. Attorney General, John N. Mitchell, and former White House aides H. R. Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman were each sentenced to 2.5 to 8 years in prison for conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

40 years ago (28 Feb 1975)
Moorgate tube crash, London underground, UK. A train failed to stop at the end of the line and crashed into a wall, killing 43 people. (Cause unknown, but thought to lie with the driver rather than a mechanical failure. A new train protection system was introduced as a result.)

30 years ago (16 Feb 1985)
The Islamic militant group and political party Hezbollah was founded in Lebanon.

30 years ago (19 Feb 1985)
The first episode of the BBC TV soap opera EastEnders was broadcast in the UK.

30 years ago (20 Feb 1985)
The sale of contraceptives was legalised in Ireland.

30 years ago (28 Feb 1985)
The IRA carried out a mortar bomb attack on a police station in Newry, Northern Ireland. 9 Royal Ulster Constabulary officers were killed – the RUC’s highest loss of life on a single day during the Troubles.

25 years ago (2 Feb 1990)
The President of South Africa, F. W. De Klerk, lifted a 30-year ban on the African National Congress (ANC) and other opposing political parties and anti-apartheid groups.

25 years ago (7 Feb 1990)
The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union agreed give up its 70-year monopoly on political power.

25 years ago (11 Feb 1990)
Nelson Mandela was released from prison after 27 years. (He became President of South Africa in 1994.)

25 years ago (11 Feb 1990)
American boxer James ‘Buster’ Douglas became world heavyweight champion when he knocked out Mike Tyson in one of the greatest upsets in boxing history.

25 years ago (24 Feb 1990)
Death of Malcolm Forbes, American publisher of Forbes magazine, founded by his father. Known for his promotion of capitalism and for his opulent lifestyle.

25 years ago (24 Feb 1990)
Death of Johnnie Ray, influential American singer, songwriter and pianist. Hugely popular in the 1950s. Known for his early rock and roll style and wild stage persona.

20 years ago (26 Feb 1995)
Barings Bank, the oldest merchant bank in London, collapsed after its chief trader in Singapore, Nick Leeson, lost £827 million ($1.3 billion) on unauthorised transactions.

20 years ago (28 Feb 1995)
Denver International Airport opened in Colorado, USA

10 years ago (14 Feb 2005)
Death of Rafic (also spelled Rafik/Rafiq) al-Hariri, Prime Minister of Lebanon (1992-98, 2000-04). His assassination triggered massive political change in Lebanon, including the Cedar Revolution and the withdrawal of Syrian troops.

10 years ago (16 Feb 2005)
The Kyoto Protocol came into effect. The international treaty obliges industrialised nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

10 years ago (18 Feb 2005)
Hunting wild mammals with dogs was banned in England and Wales. (Hunting foxes with dogs had already been banned in Scotland.)

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