The Date-A-Base Book 2016 – preview

We are pleased to announce that The Date-A-Base Book 2016 (preview edition) is now available – exclusively for ideas4writers lifetime members.

This edition gives details of over 1,500 notable births and deaths that will occur during 2016. (It contains very few events, discoveries or inventions as we’re still working on those.)

All the dates have been cross-checked and confirmed, but the book has not yet been fully formatted or proofread. It’s a bit rough-and-ready, but perfectly usable, and if you’re itching to get ahead of the competition and write about anniversaries in 2016 then you’ll find this just the thing.

ideas4writers lifetime members: download your copy now from the members’ home page at – you’ll need to log in first.

Non-members: you can find out how to become a member here.
(Once you become a member you’ll also be able to download every edition we publish in the future, at no additional cost.)

The full version should be completed by 1st November.


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