We are 12 – we have gifts (for you)!

ideas4writers is 12 years old today. Amazing! Let’s celebrate!

  • First off, we’re knocking 50% off The Date-A-Base Book 2014.
  • Second, we have a buy-one-get-one-free offer on all of our idea collections. Buy any one of the 35 ebooks in the collection between now and the end of August, then email us to say which other one you’d like to receive and we’ll email it to you as a gift. Note: the one you buy must cost more than (or the same as) the one you request as a gift. (If you buy more than one then you can request more than one gift.)

    If you buy the Kindle version, email us a copy of your receipt from Amazon and tell us which other book(s) you want to receive. We can send them to you in Kindle format, but you’ll need to know how to load them onto your Kindle (or other device).

  • We’re also working on something special for ideas4writers lifetime members (because they’ve already got all the things mentioned above). It’s not quite ready yet, but at the beginning of September we’re going to give you a sneak preview of The Date-A-Base Book 2016, at least a couple of months before the rest of the world gets to see it. This version will only contain births and deaths (not events) and it won’t have been proofread, but all the entries will have been cross-checked and certified as correct.
  • And once The Date-A-Base Book 2016 is finished and on sale, we’ll also be launching our new editing, copy editing and proofreading service – exclusively for lifetime members. This service was previously only available to customers of our i4w2 ethical self-publishing service (which is now closed), but we’ll be opening it up to all lifetime members. Look out for more details later in the year.

In exchange for all these gifts, and since it’s our birthday, we’d love to receive something from you in exchange. How about telling us how ideas4writers has helped you, or how you’ve benefited from any of our products or services? Please leave a comment on our blog, email us at mail@ideas4writers.co.uk, or post a nice Customer Review on any of our product pages on Amazon.

We are hugely grateful for your continued support. Our aim is to keep doing what we do … but also to do it better and do more of it!

Dave and Kate


2 thoughts on “We are 12 – we have gifts (for you)!

  1. As a lifetime member I’ll be eagerly awaiting the sneak peek at the date-a-base book for 2016 – to be that far ahead of the game should be a unique opportunity. ideas4writers was the first writing group I ever joined and I’ve looked forward to your ‘what if?’ ideas and newsletters since the beginning. Keeping up with you on your facebook page is an easy way to see what the group is up to, and to bounce questions off one another. Thanks for your determination to change with the times as the ‘new’ technology came in and ebooks hit the scene, and to keep adding value to the membership. I’m not sure how long I’ve known this group, but long enough to know that I value the things you offer, as being immensely helpful to the writing community.

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