50 Newsworthy Anniversaries in October 2014 for you to write about (and make money from!)

Here are 50 newsworthy anniversaries coming up in October 2014 for you to write about (and make money from). The anniversaries are listed 6 months in advance to give you enough time for research and writing.

We have painstakingly cross-checked every entry, but you are advised to check all facts again as part of your research. Please let us know of any errors you find.

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300 years ago (20 Oct 1714)
The coronation of King George I of Great Britain and Ireland.

250 years ago (2 Oct 1764)
Death of William Cavendish, 4th Duke of Devonshire, British Prime Minister (1756 – 57).

250 years ago (26 Oct 1764)
Death of William Hogarth, British artist and engraver.

150 years ago (5 Oct 1864)
The city of Calcutta, India was flooded and almost totally destroyed by a cyclone. 60,000 people were killed, either directly by the cyclone or by sickness over the following weeks.

150 years ago (5 Oct 1864)
Birth of Louis Lumière, French inventor, photography pioneer, and filmmaker who developed an early film camera and projector with his brother, Auguste, and made the first-ever movie.

150 years ago (12 Oct 1864)
Death of Roger Taney, Chief Justice of the United States (1836 – 64); best known for the Dred Scott decision on slavery.

150 years ago (25 Oct 1864)
Birth of John Francis Dodge, pioneering American car manufacturer; co-founder of Dodge Brothers.

150 years ago (31 Oct 1864)
Nevada became the 36th state of the USA.

100 years ago (2 Oct 1914)
Birth of Jack Parsons, American rocket pioneer and occultist; one of the key founders of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and an associate of Aleister Crowley.

100 years ago (5 Oct 1914)
World War I: the first plane to be shot down in combat. A French plane piloted by Joseph Frantz, accompanied by observer Louis Quenault, shot down a German plane over Jamoigne, Belgium using a machine gun.

100 years ago (6 Oct 1914)
Birth of Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian explorer and adventurer; best known for the Kon-Tiki and Ra expeditions which were intended to prove that earlier civilisations could have crossed the oceans.

100 years ago (10 Oct 1914)
Death of Carol I, King of Romania (1881 – 1914).

100 years ago (15 Oct 1914)
The U.S. Congress passed the Clayton Antitrust Act, aimed at preventing anti-competitive practises in business.

100 years ago (19 Oct – 22 Nov 1914)
World War I – the First Battle of Ypres (also called the First Battle of Flanders) (Belgium); Allied victory.

100 years ago (27 Oct 1914)
Birth of Dylan Thomas, popular Welsh poet and writer; also known for his excessive drinking.

80 years ago (9 Oct 1934)
Alexander I, King of Yugoslavia, and the French foreign minister, Louis Barthou, were assassinated by Croatian terrorists in Marseilles, France.

80 years ago (16 Oct 1934 – Oct 1935)
The Long March. Chinese communists led by Mao Zedong began an 8,000-mile (12,500 km) march from south-east to north-west China to evade the armies of the Chinese National Party and establish a new base. (This led to the founding of the People’s Republic of China.)

75 years ago (7 Oct 1939)
Death of Harvey Cushing, pioneering American neurosurgeon/brain surgeon; the father of modern neurosurgery.

75 years ago (8 Oct 1939)
World War II: Germany annexed western Poland.

75 years ago (15 Oct 1939)
New York Municipal Airport was officially opened by mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. (It was renamed LaGuardia Airport in his honour in 1947.)

75 years ago (23 Oct 1939)
Death of Zane Grey, American writer of western novels.

75 years ago (27 Oct 1939)
Nylon stockings were sold publicly for the first time, in a department store in Wilmington, Delaware, USA (as a trial).

70 years ago (2 Oct 1944)
World War II – the Warsaw Uprising in Poland ended. German victory. The city was destroyed, 200,000 civilians were killed and 700,000 expelled.

70 years ago (2 – 21 Oct 1944)
World War II – the Battle of Aachen, Germany; Allied victory. (This was the first German city to be captured by the Allies.)

70 years ago (21 Oct 1944)
World War II: the Japanese carried out the first-ever kamikaze attack. A Japanese pilot deliberately crashed his plane into HMAS Australia during the invasion of Leyte Gulf (see below), killing 30 people. (Note: historians now believe the pilot acted on his own initiative; the first official [i.e. pre-planned] kamikaze attack was on 25th Oct.)

65 years ago (1 Oct 1949)
The People’s Republic of China was proclaimed by Mao Zedong.

65 years ago (7 Oct 1949)
The German Democratic Republic (East Germany) was established.

60 years ago (10 Oct 1954)
The communist Viet Minh took control of North Vietnam following the partitioning of Vietnam at the end of the First Indochina War.

60 years ago (30 Oct – 13 Nov 1954)
The first Rugby League World Cup was held, in Paris, France. Great Britain beat France 16 – 12 in the final.

50 years ago (1 Oct 1964)
The Bullet Train (Shinkansen) service was launched in Japan.

50 years ago (10 – 24 Oct 1964)
The 28th Olympic Games were held in Tokyo, Japan. This was the first Olympic games to be broadcast live around the world by satellite.

50 years ago (12 Oct 1964)
The Soviet Union launched Voskhod 1, the first space flight with a multi-person crew and the first space flight where the crew did not wear space suits. The three-man crew landed safely 24 hours later after orbiting the Earth 16 times.

50 years ago (14 Oct 1964)
Leonid Brezhnev became Leader of the Soviet Union, replacing Nikita Khrushchev.

50 years ago (15 Oct 1964)
Death of Cole Porter, American composer and lyricist; one of Broadway’s main songwriters; known for the wit and sophistication of his songs. His musicals include Anything Goes, Kiss Me, Kate and many more.

50 years ago (16 Oct 1964)
Harold Wilson became British Prime Minister for the first time. (He became prime minister again in 1974.)

50 years ago (20 Oct 1964)
Death of Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States.

50 years ago (24 Oct 1964)
Northern Rhodesia gained its independence from the UK and became the Republic of Zambia. Kenneth Kaunda became the first president.

40 years ago (5 Oct 1974)
Guildford pub bombings, England. The IRA detonated bombs at two pubs that were popular with British Army personnel. 5 people were killed and 65 injured. (The ‘Guildford Four’ and the ‘Maguire Seven’ were convicted, but their convictions were ruled unsafe in 1989 and 1991 respectively.)

40 years ago (5 Oct 1974)
The first episode of the TV comedy series Monty Python’s Flying Circus was broadcast in the UK.

30 years ago (12 Oct 1984)
An IRA bomb exploded during the Conservative Party conference at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, UK, killing 5 people. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was apparently the primary target but she escaped injury.

30 years ago (31 Oct 1984)
Death of Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India (assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards); succeeded by her son Rajiv Gandhi.

25 years ago (1 Oct 1989)
The world’s first same-sex civil unions were introduced in Denmark.

25 years ago (19 Oct 1989)
The ‘Guildford Four’ were released from prison after their convictions for IRA pub bombings were quashed by the British Court of Appeal.

20 years ago (13 Oct 1994)
Three main loyalist paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland announced a ceasefire following the IRA ceasefire announcement on 31st August.

15 years ago (5 Oct 1999)
Ladbrook Grove train crash, near Paddington Station, west London, England. 31 people were killed and over 500 injured.

10 years ago (4 Oct 2004)
SpaceShipOne made its second successful space flight within two weeks and claimed the $10 million Ansari X Prize.

10 years ago (7 Oct 2004)
Death of Kenneth Bigley, British civil engineer (kidnapped and beheaded by an Islamic extremist group in Iraq).

10 years ago (10 Oct 2004)
Death of Christopher Reeve, American stage, film and television actor and medical research activist; best known for his lead role in the Superman series of films; became quadriplegic after a horse-riding accident in 1995.

10 years ago (19 Oct 2004)
Irish aid worker Margaret Hassan, director of CARE International in Iraq, was abducted by insurgents in Baghdad. (killed by her captors on 8th Nov).

10 years ago (25 Oct 2004)
Death of John Peel, influential British radio disc jockey who championed emerging artists.

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