What If . . . ? 10 Creative Writing Prompts for October

Here’s this month’s selection of “What If…?” creative writing prompts to inspire you – let’s see what you can do with these!

These are all taken from our book: The Fastest Way to Get Ideas – 4,400 Essential What Ifs for Writers.

What if…

1. human evolution was never meant to have happened?

2. animals could be fitted with speech chips?

3. times and dates were decimalised?

4. there was a gravity bomb?

5. you saw a photo of yourself in a foreign newspaper, but as you didn’t speak the language you had no idea what the story was about?

6. you decided to stop before things went too far . . . but they already had?

7. humans reproduced by pollinating flowers and growing on trees like apples?

8. the information was leaked . . . and everyone blamed you?

9. everyone always gave the same answer?

10. you had your fortune told?

– – – – – – –

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