Out soon in paperback?

We’ve decided to give Amazon’s CreateSpace a try. It’s their print-on-demand service whereby we upload a digital copy of each of our books to their computer and they print them and post them as orders are placed. It seems a lot easier than getting half-a-garage-full printed, and then packing and posting them ourselves – which is what we currently do.

We’ve sold out of printed copies of everything except The Date-A-Base Book 2014, so migrating everything to CreateSpace will ensure that all our books are always available.

Most of our books have only been available electronically until now, so this is a chance to put that right too – and that means they should also reach a wider audience.

With nearly 40 books to convert to CreateSpace’s templates, it’s certainly not going to be a quick process. So with that in mind, we’d like you to tell us which of our books you’d like to see in print first. You can choose any of the 35 books in our writing ideas collection (not the omnibus editions), The Fastest Way to Get Ideas (also known as The ‘What If’ Book) or How to Win Short Story Competitions. The books which get the most votes will be the ones we convert first. You can see the complete list of books on our order form.

We’ll get around to converting all of them eventually, but as we’ll be giving them an extra proofread/polish at the same time, that might take a year or more, which is why we’d like to start with the most popular requests first.


The Fastest Way to Write Your Book (2nd edition) should be out next month and will be available in both print and ebook formats, so you don’t need to vote for that one.

We won’t be converting The Date-A-Base Book 2013 as it’s almost out of date now. The 2015 edition will be available (in October/November) in printed and ebook formats as usual. We’ll see if we can put that one on CreateSpace too this time, so it doesn’t sell out – though we’re not sure how well CreateSpace will handle the tabular format.

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