Members’ News – June 2013

We’re featuring the work of two members today – and I’ve met both of them in the bar at the Winchester Writers’ Conference (though it was a year apart as far as I can remember).

First up is Dr Ellis Silver, an American environmentalist and ecologist who (when I first met him) was in the UK acting as an adviser to a TV show. He was interested in writing books, so I quickly signed him up as a member of ideas4writers and sold him a copy of The Fastest Way to Write Your Book (2nd edition coming out in August). In the bar we ended up chatting about how humans might not have originated on Earth. Then he disappeared for about 5 years because the marine research park he runs in Texas with his uncle was smashed to bits by Hurricane Ike and they had to rebuild it.

But now he’s back, and I was astonished to learn that he’s turned our semi-drunken conversation into a book – and a good one too! As a special favour I reopened our publishing division (i4w2) and published it on Kindle for him. (I also edited it, designed the cover, and double-checked his research – which all seems surprisingly sound and convincing.)


Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence for and (mostly) against Man’s evolution on Planet Earth. The book includes an evaluation of the thirteen leading hypotheses, and discusses seventeen factors which suggest we are not from Earth. It also provides answers to questions such as: How did we get here? When did we get here? What is our home planet like? The most likely stars our home planet orbits. If the aliens are out there why can’t we detect them? and Are we the aliens? All the answers are based on current evidence and thinking in the scientific community and elsewhere.

Despite all the hard science (and that’s “hard” as in quantifiable, not as in difficult) the book is easy and hugely enjoyable to read, and can be read in a single morning/afternoon/evening. (Although if you start following up the information in the recommended reading list, as I did, you’ll probably lose several days – it’s intriguing stuff!)

Humans are not from Earth is available on Kindle from or (or any of the other Amazons – you’ll find it in the Kindle store).


Regular blog readers (and ideas4writers forum members) will be familiar with Geoff Nelder’s work.

A new edition of his novel Escaping Reality has just been published on Kindle, with a brand new cover (and some re-editing). Geoff describes it as “The Fugitive meets The 39 Steps with a dash of humour thrown in.” I can confirm that it is most definitely a fun read – some parts of it reminded me of the late Tom Sharpe’s novels. (R.I.P. Tom.)

Escaping Reality is available on Kindle from or


And Geoff would like you to know that part two of his science fiction trilogy ARIA is also now available. ARIA: Returning Left Luggage continues the story of ARIA: Left Luggage. A highly infectious alien virus is devastating Earth’s population by causing retrograde amnesia. You forget how to do your job, where you work, where you live, and eventually even how to feed yourself. Services fail as no one knows how to run them any more, and the bodies are starting to pile up. Whatever will happen next?

In part two of the series we finally meet the aliens. Unlike most science fiction aliens, they ignore the remaining humans or make use of them for labour. They don’t bargain on encountering the psychotic Dr Antonio Menzies, and when he discovers how to use their telepathic-controlled gadgets, odd things happen. Meanwhile Ryder’s isolation group are in the South Pacific facing invasion problems of another kind. That, along with trouble in the French Alps and a runaway exotic weed, makes this a sequel you will not want to miss!

ARIA: Returning Left Luggage is available on Kindle from or

How to Win Short Story Competitions

And finally a quick reminder that the book I co-wrote with Geoff, How to Win Short Story Competitions, is still available and getting 5-star reviews.

How to Win Short Story Competitions is available on Kindle from or

Don’t have a Kindle?

All of the books featured today are available in Kindle format only. If you don’t have a Kindle ebook reader you can still read the books. You just need to install the free Kindle app from Amazon’s website. It’s available for Windows PCs, Macs, and most smartphones and tablets.
Click here to find out more.


7 thoughts on “Members’ News – June 2013

  1. Hi, can you tell me more about Dr. Ellis Silver. Where is his doctorate from? Where did he do marine research in Texas (my home state)? I can’t find a biography of him or information about him anywhere. The Amazon page for his book says that ideas4writers is his publisher. Are you a publishing house?

  2. Hi Dave. I have just found out this book by dr. Eliss Silver and since in the beginning of 2012 I began to receive amazing information about Alpha Centauri, I would be interested to talk to dr. Silver . Is it possible? Is there any mail or phonenumber available?
    I am a tv journalist and visual artist born in Romania,Europe ,and an US resident.

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