(It’s always) competition time!

Did you know there are always at least 300 short story writing competitions going on at any one time? It’s true! You can find most of them listed at Sally Quilford’s Writing Calendar.

But what you really want to know is how to win them.

How to Win Short Story CompetitionsAs it’s my birthday this month I’ve very generously slashed the price of How to Win Short Story Competitions, so it’s now just £1.65 in PDF format (which is also printable), and slightly less than that for the Kindle version. (For our American readers that’s about $2.66.) The price goes back up again on 1st June, so don’t miss out – and don’t forget to tell your friends.

(The Kindle version can of course be read on other devices too, including PC, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, and most other smart phones and tablets – you just need to install Amazon’s free Kindle App.)

Here are some reviews:

“This book delivers more than its title promises. I read it to find out if I wanted to pursue short story contests … but I also found some real gems for improving my writing and chances of being published.”
Summa Nulla

“Written in conversational style, this book for me is like having a private lesson with two experts in the field. Easy to follow and understand. It contains very useful inside information for anyone wanting to enter (and win!) short story competitions. It is divided into easily absorbed chunks and I would say it covers just about everything one would need to know on the subject.”
AM Jones

“The marking scheme for short story competitions opened my eyes and it will definitely change my approach when I plan a story in the future. Lots of fantastic information packed into a quick and easy read. Highly recommended.”
D Wilkinson

Here are the links you need:

PDF version from ideas4writers
Kindle version from Amazon.co.uk
Kindle version from Amazon.com

I’m currently working on an idea for a “secret book project” that I might tell you more about in two weeks’ time! (I’m pretty sure it’s never been done before.)

Kindest regards,


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