Speed-writing: reader contributions wanted

Calling all fans of writing books really fast: The Fastest Way to Write Your Book (2nd edition) is just a few weeks away. How would you like to be in it?

We’re looking for any new techniques you might have come up with (or come across elsewhere) that weren’t included in the first edition.

We’re looking for techniques that will speed up each stage of the book-creating process (fiction, non-fiction or both):

  • coming up with ideas and evaluating and expanding them
  • carrying out research
  • organising, planning and outlining
  • writing
  • finding more time to write
  • editing
  • getting published (in all its many forms)
  • publicising/marketing and selling your finished book

If you’ve come across a technique that wasn’t in the original book, please send it in to us (mail@ideas4writers.co.uk). We’ll put the best contributions in the new edition and mention your name. (If you’re sending in a technique you found elsewhere, please tell us where you found it or who created it.)

If you’ve used the technique yourself, it would be fantastic if you could also tell us how well it worked for you.

All contributions must be received by 15th March 2013.



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