The Date-A-Base Book 2014 now on Kindle

Hello! How is your writing going this week?

kindle cover 2014 240pxWe’re continuing our mission to make all our books available on Kindle, and the latest one is now done: The Date-A-Base Book 2014. (Over 2,650 newsworthy and notable anniversaries in 2014 for you to write about and make money from.) Do you like the new cover?

I’m not completely convinced that the Kindle is the best format for this book – in my opinion it looks much better on a bigger screen with its proper A4/Letter-size layout. But the Kindle is a huge market and we can’t ignore it. So we’ve got a special deal for you: if you buy the Kindle version and email us a copy of your receipt from Amazon we’ll send you the full PDF version as a gift.

[TIP 1] If you use Amazon’s Look Inside feature or download the preview you’ll see the complete set of anniversaries for January 2014, plus the first couple of pages for February.

[TIP 2] The Kindle edition is 25% cheaper than we sell the PDF edition for. So if you want the PDF version at a discount price, buy the Kindle edition and then send us your receipt.

[TIP 3] If you don’t have a Kindle just install the free Kindle app/software on whatever computer, smartphone, tablet, etc you use. Amazon will then recognize that you have a way of reading Kindle books and let you order The Date-A-Base Book 2014, and then you can send us your receipt to get the PDF version.

Here are all the links you need:

The Date-A-Base Book 2014 (Kindle edition):
Amazon UK, USA, Canada

The Date-A-Base Book 2014 (PDF or printed edition): ideas4writers.

Kindle software/apps from Amazon.

If you’d like to see the complete list of our books on Kindle simply enter ideas4writers in Amazon’s search box. It should come up with 38 books, including our entire ideas collection (35 volumes), The Date-A-Base Book 2014, The Fastest Way to Get Ideas, and How to Win Short Story Competitions.

[COMING SOON] The Date-A-Base Book 2013 Kindle edition will be added this week (the PDF or printed editions are already available here). And look out for The Fastest Way to Write Your Book (2nd edition) in April. (Yes, we do keep ourselves busy.)

See you next week!


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