What If…? 10 Creative Writing Prompts for October

Here’s this month’s selection of “What If . . . ?” creative writing prompts to inspire you – let’s see what you can do with these!

What if . . .

1. you would do anything to get promoted?

2. you wrote something that made you throw up?

3. your child was (perhaps secretly) studying a subject you objected to?

4. you were addicted to playing games/doing sudoku/crosswords and never did any work?

5. your partner told a story that went too far and he/she revealed too much?

6. you got distracted?

7. you realised you’d been going in completely the wrong direction?

8. you took orders for a book you hadn’t even written yet?

9. you did something really embarrassing and needed to make sure no one ever got to hear about it?

10. you decided to clone a much-loved dead celebrity?

Have you read my latest book yet?

How to Win Short Story Competitions (co-written with  award-winning writer and competition judge Geoff Nelder). Available on Kindle from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk or as a downloadable PDF from ideas4writers.

Here’s a review (5 stars!) from Yorkshire Rose:
“I like the style of this book which is in the form of a conversation with Dave asking pertinent questions and Geoff supplying full and satisfying answers. There’s a wealth of information inside including a ‘Do and Don’t’ list when entering competitions; what the judges look for, and an enlightening discussion on Geoff’s marking system when he is wearing the judge’s hat. It is a good, useful read containing many valuable hints and tips, and could become a handy ‘dip-into-anytime’ book. Because of its conversational aspect one isn’t overwhelmed by huge chunks of information to try and absorb at one go. It is nicely broken up into smaller and more manageable pieces by the type of questions we would all ask given the opportunity. I found it an interesting and informative read. The included links to various helpful websites are a good touch, too. I have no hesitation in recommending the book to all short story writers whether aspiring competition entrants or not.”


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