Book spine poetry

One of our members recently introduced me to book spine poetry. You make up a poem using the titles of books you find around you. Stack up the books to spell out your poem, and take a photo. It’s easy, great fun, and highly addictive.

Here’s one I came up with:

Kill For Me,
One Last Time.
Harm Done,
In Silence,
Bones To Ashes.
What Happened To The Corbetts?
Brother And Sister,
Sleeping With Ghosts.
Lost Boy, Lost Girl.

And here’s the photo of the books stacked up to spell it out:

(I have a bit of an advantage here, because I work in a charity shop that’s raising money to build a swimming pool for the town, and we have hundreds of used books on sale. It’s an amusing way of passing the time when it’s pouring with rain and there aren’t many customers.)

Here’s a dark one from Bec Zugor:

Dark Places.
The Accusers
Fall From Grace.
The Caretakers
The Crucifixion Squad.

And the photo:

You’ll find several more book spine poems in our Facebook group ( Come on over and have a go!


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