What If…? Essential writing prompts (Jan 2012)

Welcome to a brand new year of writing!

Here’s another selection of What If writing prompts to inspire you – see what you can do with these!

What if . . .

1. you could understand what animals were saying – and they weren’t happy?

2. one of your children topped the record charts – and you didn’t even know they were musical?

3. your friend was xenophobic?

4. you could sense that something was wrong?

5. a stranger told you to go and see a dentist / hairdresser / cosmetic surgeon / or buy a new wardrobe, and they would pay for it no matter how much it cost?

6. you were addicted to love?

7. the host of the fancy dress party forgot to tell you the theme had changed?

8. fate was determined to kill you?

9. animals were expected to obey the same laws as people?

10. you were under house arrest?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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