A quick update

You might have noticed that things are a little quiet at ideas4writers right now. This is because we’re having a new office built – and it’s waaaaaay behind schedule. Everything is packed in crates and stored away, we have almost no computer access, and all our day-to-day work is taking at least 3 times longer than normal.

It’s a frustrating time as you can imagine, but it should all be worth it in the end. We’ll have lots more space and privacy, and we’ll be able to do a lot more things – and much faster.

Volume 4 of the ideas collection has been rewritten and edited (on screen and on paper) but as we don’t have much computer access we can’t type in all the amendments. And there are a LOT of amendments! That’s the first thing we’ll be doing when the new office is ready – hopefully in about a month.

We’re also working on The Date-A-Base Book 2013. This was due to be published in July, but unfortunately we think it will be delayed until at least August. We also hope to publish the 2014 edition at the end of this year.

We’d like to apologise for the lack of articles recently. We’re concentrating all our resources on the ideas collection rewrites and the Date-A-Base books. Once these are finished later in the year we’ll get back to writing articles again. We have a list of about 200 to write – and we’re pretty excited about some of them.

We want to make some videos for you too – which we’ll be able to do when we have our new office!

So thanks for bearing with us. Normal service (much better, in fact) will resume in a few weeks.


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