Members’ News – February 2011

What have our members been up to this month?

Geoff Nelder’s thriller Hot Air was recently published by Wuacademia in the Netherlands after winning 3 awards in their unpublished novels competition. The prize included publication – though it took rather a long time to appear in print!

Hot Air won the Special Prize in 2007, the Silver Prize in 2008, and an Award d’Or in 2009.

A feisty young woman celebrates her birthday by taking her boyfriend in a hot air balloon. They witness an unsavoury crime in a Bristol suburb but the gang need to stop them. The action takes the reader to Mallorca, the south of France and London.

Find out more at Geoff’s blog – which also features a video trailer:

Prize-winning author Meg Kingston’s first non-fiction book The MonSter and the Rainbow: Memoir of a Disability has been published by Jay Walker Writing and is available to order from:

It’s the perfect guide for the newly disabled, their friends and family; anyone who meets disabled people, and especially those whose job involves working with them.

This is no whinging autobiography, no misery memoir and certainly not a textbook on political correctness! Instead, it’s an open, honest view of the world from wheelchair height. Without fuss, Meg shows the reader how some people won’t shake hands with her and how shop assistants speak slowly to make sure she understands. She talks about discrimination in the workplace, local restaurants and even over the internet. With a dry wit, she addresses issues as diverse as Disability Etiquette, Daytime TV and Other Terrors and Doctors – the Manual.

Paul Kane’s short story collections Alone (In the Dark) and Touching the Flame will be reissued by Mansion House Books on 11th March as a special 10th Anniversary limited edition entitled Shadow Writer.

Shadow Writer contains all of the stories from the original publications together with three uncollected short stories, uncollected poetry, copies of edited manuscript pages, comprehensive author notes, and a new introduction by bestselling author Simon Clark. It also features stunning artwork by David Magitis.

More details at Paul’s website:


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