Your own website – the (very) easy way

People are always asking me how to create their own website when they have no technical skills, can’t afford to pay a web designer thousands, and want to be able to update their site themselves whenever they like.

My recommended solution: Weebly

Technical knowledge required: none

Cost: nothing

Click on the banner below and watch the 2-min demo video and you’ll see for yourself just how easy it is.

The basic features cost absolutely nothing, and for most people that will be all that they need. Your new website could be online in just a few minutes from now – and it’ll look pretty impressive too!

But if you need them, additional ‘Pro’ features are available for a very reasonable cost, including your own domain name rather than a one, a shopping cart, video and audio players, password-protected pages, and so on.

If you can’t even manage to drag a few boxes around the screen and fill them in, Weebly’s staff can create your site for you, for a fraction of what you’d pay a professional web designer.

I run a number of other websites as well as ideas4writers – and I always use Weebly these days. It’s just so easy and so cheap – it’s a total no-brainer.

So set up your new website, send me the address, and I’ll give it a mention here on the ideas4writers blog!

(1) The ideas4writers website was not created using Weebly – it didn’t exist in those days. Also the writing engines wouldn’t work. Everything else would though.
(2) If you upgrade to a Pro account, Weebly will pay me a commission, which I’ll use to help improve ideas4writers.


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