Your questions answered

We don’t usually get many questions, but they’ve been pouring in over the last week or so. Here are the most popular ones, together with our answers:

1. When does the ideas4writers survey need to be returned by?

31st August 2010 if you want to be included in the prize draw.

2. Can I complete the survey if I’m not in a writing group?

Yes – and we’d be very grateful to you for taking part, though a few of the questions won’t apply to you, and you won’t be eligible for the main prize. (But we’ll see if we can find something for you at the back of our competition cupboard.)

3. Some of the members of my writing group would like to join ideas4writers right now. If our group wins the survey prize (membership for the whole group) will you refund our membership fees?

Yes – we’ll refund the fees of any members of that group who joined after 1st June 2010.

4. If several of us join at once could we have a group discount?

Yes – email us at and we’ll sort something out for you.

5. Is the price list part of the survey available in other currencies?

Yes – just let us know which currency you require and we’ll be happy to send you a copy.

6. The order form on the ideas4writers website lists prices in Pounds, Euros and U.S. dollars. Do you accept other currencies?

We ONLY accept British pounds. Your bank or credit card company will convert your local currency to British pounds automatically, so you can order from wherever you live and whatever your local currency is.

The other currencies we list on the order form are only intended to be an approximate guide. Currency exchange rates fluctuate all the time, but we only update them on our site once or twice a week. We’ll add other currencies to the form as soon as we can.

7. I tried ordering something from your website but was unable to pay.

This happens from time to time. It’s all to do with how busy our payment service providers (Nochex and PayPal) are, or if their systems are having problems. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about it from our end.

If this happens to you, please try again a little later, or use the other payment option.

Note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to make a payment through their system – you can use your regular credit/debit card.

If you tell us that you’re having a problem, we’ll see if we can find a way around it for you. For example, we could manually send you a PayPal request for payment, which usually works even if you can’t connect to PayPal from our website.

8. Do you accept payments by post?

Yes. We don’t have an official order form for that at the moment, so please send us a letter telling us your name and postal address and which products you’d like to order. Enclose a cheque, postal order or bank draft (payable to ideas4writers) for the appropriate amount. Please include the relevant delivery charge if ordering printed products. We can only accept payment in British pounds.

Send your order to:

PO Box 49
EX15 1WX
United Kingdom

We can also accept bank-to-bank electronic transfers (BACS) – let us know if you’d like to use this method and we’ll send you our details.

9. When will The Date-A-Base Book 2012 be available?

From about the middle of July. If you bought the 2011 edition then you’re already on our mailing list so we’ll let you know when it comes out. We’ll also announce it here on the blog.

10. When will the Date-A-Base Book 2013 be available?

Late December or early January.

11. What other books are you working on and when will they be out?

Our priority for the next year is to complete the Date-A-Base Books for 2012 and 2013 and rewrite and publish volumes 3, 4 and 5 of the ideas collection.

Dave plans to take the second half of 2011 off to write some novels. And then – probably in 2012 – we’ll be working on The Fastest Way to Publish Your Book, The Fastest Way to Sell Your Book, and Book Marketing Outside the Box.

However, we should have some extra goodies for members to download (and non-members to buy) later this summer. They won’t be books or ebooks . . . and we’ll have to wait for the right weather conditions so we can do them. (No, they aren’t photos or videos either.) Intrigued? Watch this space!

12. Will printed copies of the ideas collection be available?

If there’s sufficient demand then we could make them available through – please let us know if you’d like us to do this.

13. Will you be publishing a printed version of The Fastest Way to get Ideas?

Yes, we are planning to make this available through before the autumn. The book will first need to be completely reformatted though, as they don’t use the same paper size and fonts as our regular printers.

Unfortunately we don’t believe there is sufficient demand to have the book printed the traditional way.

14. Can I recommend new members and get the Amazon gift certificates even if I’m not a member myself?

Not at the moment, though we may allow this in the future. But why not join anyway? You only need to persuade 8 people to join to cover the cost, and you’d get all the benefits of being a member straight away.

You can also choose to spread the cost of your membership over 4 months. If you could persuade just 2 people to join per month during that period, it would cover the whole cost. (More than 2 people per month and you’d make a profit!)

15. Do you offer any other rewards apart from Amazon certificates?

Not officially – but tell us what you’d like instead and we’ll consider it.

16. Is there anything I can do to help you?

Thanks for asking! Believe it or not, and despite our best efforts, most of the world has never heard of ideas4writers or any of our products. So you can help those people (and us) simply by telling people about ideas4writers and what we do.

We regularly hear from people who’ve only just discovered us, who tell us how relieved and excited they are to have found us, and how we’ve changed their lives. With your help we can reach more of them.

Keep those questions and comments coming in – it’s always a delight to hear from you!

Dave Haslett,


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