How to find article ideas using keywords

In a recent update I mentioned that I’d found lots of ideas for articles by using keywords. Naturally enough you wanted to know more about how to do this. So here’s a more detailed explanation:

1. Think of something you might like to write an article about. It could be something to do with your specialist subject, or something you feel like writing about today.

In my case I wanted to write articles that would help people write articles using our Date-A-Base Books. My articles would help those writers – and help us sell more of the books.

2. Think of the words or phrases someone might type into Google in order to find out about that subject. Make a list of as many combinations as you can think of. These are your keywords.

My list of keywords would include things like:
2010 anniversaries
2011 anniversaries
forthcoming anniversaries
historic anniversaries
writing anniversary articles
anniversaries of inventions
anniversaries of famous deaths
and so on

3. Start typing each of your keywords into Google and you should see it auto-suggest some other things that you might be searching for. Some of these items might give you ideas for articles or article titles. Otherwise, use its suggestions to extend your list of keywords.

4. Save your list of keywords as a text file – you’ll need it in the next step.

5. Go to and download Good Keywords v3. Install it on your computer, then import your list of keywords into it. It will generate even more keywords for you – words and phrases that are closely related to those on your list. By now you should have a pretty long list of keywords – and hopefully a few ideas for articles. But if not, don’t worry.

6. Sign up as a member of, if you haven’t already joined. Then go to the Author’s Area and click on Author Tools | Title Suggestions. Try entering each of the keywords you found earlier, and it should give you a list of up to 20 possible article titles for each one.

You should end up with a huge list of possible article titles.

By doing this, I managed to find over 150 ideas and titles for articles in about half an hour. It will of course take me considerably longer to write them all.

However, could help you with this too, as they have quite a few article templates. These include Top 10 lists, Pain Avoidance, Pros and Cons, Q and A, Survey Results, and several others. These are in the training course, which you’ll find under their Author Resources menu.

They also have an excellent blog which gives lots of suggestions and help with writing articles, and they also publish regular video tutorials. An excellent and highly recommended site!

Dave Haslett,


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