Our new website – and other important updates

The ideas4writers website has changed!

We have a sleek new design to replace the 8-year-old one we had before.

Take a look for yourself: www.ideas4writers.co.uk

We’d love to hear your comments. And if you find anything that doesn’t work, please let us know about that too.

New e-books

We’ve released 14 e-books from our ideas collection. Members can download these without charge by logging into our website. Non-members can buy them, either individually or as compendiums. More of the collection will be released over the next few months as we rewrite and edit them. (It’ll probably take a year to release the whole lot.)

The e-books are priced at around 5p per idea if you buy individual categories, or just 4p per idea if you buy a compendium.

Shopping List facility

We have a new Shopping List facility, which lists all the books and products we sell. Simply select the ones you want, then pay for them in one go, rather than having to buy everything separately.

New membership bonuses

If you become a lifetime member you’ll get all the new ideas e-books, PLUS all of the 5,000 ideas in our collection, PLUS e-book versions of ALL our other books, including The Fastest Way to Write Your Book, The Fastest Way to Get Ideas, and the two current Date-A-Base Books, PLUS you’ll get e-book versions of every other book we release in the future. (You might want to read that again!)

You’ll also have access to our forums, writing engines and other facilities and information in the members’ section of the website.

Find our more here.

If you’re already a lifetime member, you can download all the e-books from the members’ home page after you log in.

Membership fee

There is now a joining fee of £79.95 to become a lifetime member. This fee will increase when we release other volumes in the ideas collection, so if you want to become a member, now would be a good time to do it. You’ll still get all the other e-books as they’re released, but you’ll secure your lifetime membership at the lowest price.

To become a member, just select Item A on our Shopping List, then click the Proceed button at the bottom to enter your details and make your payment.

Membership vouchers have expired

Since we are now giving our members so much more, the lifetime membership vouchers we offered previously have now expired. The Fastest Way to Write Your Book no longer contains these vouchers.

Recommend a friend – nice gifts!

If you’re already a lifetime member, log into the ideas4writers website and click on My Account. You’ll find a gift code that you can give to your friends. For each friend who becomes a lifetime member we’ll send you a £10 Amazon.co.uk or $15 Amazon.com gift certificate – and your friend gets one too. They must enter your unique code in the Gift Certificate box on the order form when they join.

That’s enough updates for now! Enjoy!

Dave Haslett, www.ideas4writers.co.uk


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