Members’ News – February 2010

We don’t run this column very often, as no one ever tells us anything. But if you do happen to have any interesting news to share with your fellow members, please let us know. Then we can mention it here and give you some publicity.

– – – – – – –

Here’s the multi-award-winning author Katherine Reynolds in her element, surrounded by happy fans at the launch of her latest children’s book Safe for Life (published by us!)

Safe for Life launch

Safe for Life is the sequel to Born to Dance, and has already picked up first prize in the children’s fiction category at the London Book Festival. No doubt the first of many!

Katherine travelled to London with husband Michael to receive her prize at the award ceremony at Grosvenor House – only to find that they’d left her prize back at their office. So they sent it in the post instead.

– – – – – – –

Meanwhile, the ever-busy Dee Gordon has launched her new website. You can find her at:

Her latest book is the Little Book of Essex, which contains lots of fascinating historic and contemporary trivia about the county.

She also has two new books scheduled for publication this year:
Southend at War and Voices of Stepney.

All of these are published by History Press.

Dave Haslett,


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