A quick book marketing tip

After the closure of the Borders bookshop chain in Britain, we heard last week that Waterstones is also going through a sticky patch, with sales down 8.5% and their managing director booted out.

One of our members, Brian, commented in our forum: I suppose we shall have to set up stalls in the High Street

I don’t think he was being serious, but it’s actually not such a bad idea. Most people don’t go into bookshops anyway. You’ll probably do a lot better out in the street where all the shoppers are. It’s well worth a try in my opinion.

Try a different town each week, on market day or a Saturday. 52 weeks, 52 towns, then go back round the same towns again a year later with your next book.

You could call it a book tour and have posters printed, so everyone knows when you’ll be coming to their town.

Try the beach too, on a nice hot day – preferably somewhere that has a single entrance that everyone has to pass by. Or set up a stall in the car park.

Those are definitely some of the things I’ll be doing once I get round to writing some novels – hopefully next year.

If you’ve tried doing any of these things already, tell me know how you got on.

Dave Haslett, www.ideas4writers.co.uk


One thought on “A quick book marketing tip

  1. I like the idea of a stall in a market, although wouldn’t know about hiring one on a one-off basis.
    I sold loads of books before Christmas at Christmas and charity sales.
    Another idea is to volunteer at your local library to do a talk about your latest book. You won’t get paid but they usually liaise with a local bookshops to have books for sale. If you pitch it right, everyone will buy a book!
    Perhaps one or two authors of different genres should get together and do a joint sale?

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