Your article suggestions needed – win a prize!

As you know, I write articles from time to time. Partly because I like helping you to become a better writer and earn more money from it, and not get ripped off, and partly to bring new people to the ideaswriters website.

I’d really like to help people make the most of the information we provide in our Date-A-Base books, but after writing just one article I’m stumped as to what else there is to say.

The article I’ve written is Writing Historic Anniverary Articles – 10 Top Tips. You’ve probably seen it here on the ideaswriters blog.

But can you suggest any other articles I could write?

As an incentive, I’ll give a copy of our latest Date-A-Base 2011 e-book to whoever comes up with the best suggestion. (If you’ve already got it I’ll send you something else).

The Date-A-Base Books give details of hundreds of forthcoming historic anniversaries for you to write about during the coming year, including significant events, discoveries, inventions, and notable births and deaths.

Here are some of the people the series is  aimed at: writers, journalists, editors, TV/radio producers, librarians, researchers, film-makers, teachers and students, event planners, speakers … and probably many more.

There must be tons of articles that could be written and adapted to suit each of those different types of people – but I need you to tell me what they are!

If you need some further inspiration you can take a look at our page for the latest 2011 edition right here.

You can post your suggestions as comments on the ideaswriters blog, or email them to me at:

I’ll keep the competition open until Friday 29th January, and then I’ll pick a winner – and hopefully start writing some of those great articles you come up with.


Dave Haslett,


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