The Date-A-Base Book 2011 – on sale now!

The Date-A-Base Book 2011Now bigger than ever, the 92-page 2011 edition contains more than 1,900 forthcoming historic anniversaries that will occur between January and December 2011.

It includes significant events, discoveries and inventions, and notable births and deaths.

You’ll never be short of interesting and significant things to write about. You’ll also have plenty of time for research and writing, so you’ll be able to get your work onto editors’ desks well before the publication deadline – and ahead of everyone else!

The Date-A-Base Book 2011 is available right now as an e-book.
Printed copies will be available in mid January.

e-book – PDF format
Price: £6.99 (6.99 GBP)
ideas4writers lifetime members: £5.99 (5.99 GBP)

Full details – and a complete sample chapter  – here:

The 2010 edition is also still available:

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers,


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