Member and non-member of the month

Inspired by some of the things that people have been getting up to recently, we created this new section of the blog on the spur of the moment.

Our first ever member of the month is Carole Mooney who posted the following message in the Chat forum at

“I work in a college library where we used to receive the top ten fiction books regardless of the quality of the writing. Hence we have been sent Katie Price’s ghost written offerings. I have been known to refuse to lend them out (much to the mirth of my colleagues) and have directed the students to something I consider more suitable – usually a Celia Aherne or a Marian Keyes which are at least written by the people whose name is on the cover and the books are enjoyable and accessible. Of course I’m not going to direct a Katie Price fan to Dostoevsky!

“We no longer have the top ten books sent in and I will be the person who will go to Waterstones to buy the college fiction books (yes I will be paid to shop in a bookshop!). As far as I can help it there will be no more celebrity authors in the library!”

Carole – we salute you! Well done for taking a stand and supporting real writers. We hope this will encourage others to do the same.

Our non-member of the month award goes to former ITN political reporter John Sergeant, who returned his advance (reportedly worth tens of thousands of pounds) to his publisher after refusing to write yet another memoir.

John said: “What I was really expecting to do when I left ITN was to write books, because I had a two-book contract with Macmillan. Had I been less well-known, I could have written a book on the history of the police, or something that would have interested me hugely, but all they really wanted was my memoirs.”

“You can’t go on writing the same book – not only is it boring, it’s a terrific strain too.”

After paying the money back, John said that he felt “incredibly free”.

What a nice man!

If you’ve done something that you think deserves recognition from your fellow writers, or you spot a news item about someone else who has taken a stand, please pass the details on to us, and we’ll be pleased to help circulate the story a little more widely.

You can email us at:

Dave Haslett,


One thought on “Member and non-member of the month

  1. I think this is a very good site. I have just orderd one of the books so that I may become a member. I have recentlysigned up for a creative writing course, but have been wondering what to write about, there is a wealth of ideas on this site – it is a jewel. I am hoping to write fiction, but am willing to start on non fiction fisrt. I have a degree in Health Studies and a PG Dip in Public Health, but am finding that creative writing is entrely different from academic. Well done with the site, it is nice that is is a British one as well.

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