Members’ News – July 2009

None of you have told us about anything you’ve been up to for the last few weeks.

But we know you’ve been having plenty of successes in secret.

For example, having had a quick flick through the latest issue of Writers’ News we can see that no less than 5 ideas4writers members were shortlisted in one of their recent short story competitions.

That’s rather impressive. But apparently you’d rather keep things like that to yourselves. So we won’t name any names. (But well done anyway.)

I’ll leave you alone and get back to writing books now.

But if you have any interesting news to share with your fellow members, do please let us know. Then we can mention it here next month.

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers,


5 thoughts on “Members’ News – July 2009

  1. Hi Dave, to be honest I haven’t been doing anything as i am in the middle of doing an honours degree which is taking up all my time. I keep up with your e-mails though and enjoy seeing what other members are doing.

  2. Hi Dave
    I am feverishly developing a dozen characters for my first novel and will let you know when it all comes together! Your email has reminded me to get some of my short stories out to competitions – they are not earning their keep as long as they are sleeping in my PC.
    I love your emails and articles – keep them coming!

  3. Dave Have received the ideas book and at the moment have read it several time, it has sent my mind whirling so hoping to get righting soon as there is more research needed for some things.
    Will let you know when anything ready.

    Thankyou for making the intering items even more interesting.

    Will be in touch soon hopefully.

    God Bless you and your wife

    Yours Ann G. Callender

  4. Hello, Dave,

    My most unexpected success recently was being asked to write a profile of a nearby town for a magazine for which I write a monthly short column. This proved quite enjoyable and brough in a very useful £100.

    Best wishes,

  5. I recently received a prize for my entry to a cinquain competition in Writing Magazine. For my brief cinquain I received copies of collections by Seamus Heaney, Philip Larkin, Ted Hughes, Wendy Cope, T S Eliot, W H Auden, Simon Armitage, Siegfried Sassoon, Sylvia Plath. I’m thrilled!

    PS Thanks for your regular newsy e-mails.

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