What if . . . the ultimate story starters

Here’s another selection to inspire you – what can you do with these?

What if …

1. someone gave you a love potion?

2. you forgot who you were supposed to be meeting?

3. you’d arranged to meet someone but couldn’t remember where?

4. you hadn’t seen your neighbour for months?

5. things couldn’t get any better?

6. your feeling of hope was restored?

7. you thought you had no weaknesses?

8. you met someone interesting at a party?

9. other people appreciated you much more than you appreciated them?

10. your interview in the press was dropped at the last minute because a bigger story had just come in?

If you like What Ifs, you’ll love our new book The Fastest Way to Get Ideas – 4,400 Essential What Ifs for Writers. E-book available now. Paperback coming soon. Instant inspiration whenever you need it!

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers, www.ideas4writers.co.uk


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