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Some of you are asking about our latest book The Fastest Way to Get Ideas – 4,400 Essential What Ifs for Writers.

Q. Can I get the e-book version now and upgrade to the paperback version when that comes out?

A. Yes. The upgrade price is 2 pounds + postage. In the UK, postage is 1 pound so the total upgrade cost will be 3 pounds. When the paperback is ready (late May) I’ll announce it here in the blog.

Q. Are these new What Ifs or are you recycling your old ones?

A. Both. About 3,000 of the What Ifs have previously appeared (but in random order) in the members-only section of the ideas4writers website, and in our old ezine. (The ezine was discontinued in 2007 and replaced with this blog.)

Another few hundred originally appeared as bonuses in our old newsletter (also now discontinued and replaced by this blog). And, more recently, they’ve been appearing here in the blog. But, again, in random order.

The book includes all of those, plus the 480 that will appear here in the blog over the next 4 years. And then there are a few hundred more that are exclusive to the book and won’t appear anywhere else.

This is the first time that the whole collection has been brought together in one place and organised into proper categories for easy reference. (And if you get the ebook edition, they’re also fully searchable.)

What’s not included in the book: A few duplicates, and some that were quite similar to each other – which I hadn’t realised until they were sorted into categories and I could see them all clearly for the first time. I also left out the 200 that were included as bonuses in the appendix of The Fastest Way to Write Your Book.

Q. Will there be a printed version, when will it be published, and will it be available on Amazon?

A. Yes, there will be a paperback version. We don’t have a definite publication date yet, but it will be towards the end of May.

Yes, it will be available on or by special order from any UK bookshop. However it will cost more to buy it from those places than direct from us.

The ebook edition is available right now from the ideas4writers website.

Q. You mentioned previously that you were considering using for the printed editon. Is that still the case?

A. No. After careful consideration we decided to use our regular printing company. Lulu’s formatting requirements were too restrictive for us – it would have meant doing the entire 256-page layout all over again and using a smaller font that we weren’t happy with. Also the amount of money we would make per book (if we sold it to you at a reasonable price) was far too low. We have to try and stay in business, after all!

Lulu is fine if you’re planning on selling a small number of books or publishing books as a hobby and don’t expect to make a living from it. But it’s not for us. If we get them printed by a litho printer in a large batch we can get them for a fraction of the cost of what Lulu charges – and we can use whatever formatting and layout we like.

The disadvantage of using our regular printing company is that we need to order a large print run to get a decent cost per book. And that in turn means finding somewhere to store them, and being (reasonably) confident that we have the marketing skills (and enough potential buyers) to sell them. That’s a bit of a gamble in the present economic climate, but we like  a challenge and the book won’t go out of date – and of course it’s a great book too!

Q. Will there be any more books in The Fastest Way series?

A. Yes. We’re currently working on The Fastest Way to Publish Your Book and The Fastest Way to Sell Your Book. Hopefully at least one of these will be published before the end of 2009. After that we might extend the series to cover other subjects – but that will probably be in 2011 or beyond, as we have some other interesting projects planned for 2010.

Those were the main questions we were asked, but if there’s anything else you’d like to ask us, we’ll be happy to answer it.

You can find out more about The Fastest Way to Get Ideas here:

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers,


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