Forthcoming changes at ideas4writers

We will soon be making significant changes to the members’ section of the ideas4writers website which will make it much more valuable.

We will also be reintroducing the membership fee (as a one-off lifetime membership payment) and removing the free lifetime membership voucher from future reprints of The Fastest Way to Write Your Book.

Existing members are not affected – you will not have to pay anything to remain a member, but you will benefit from the changes and new content when we add it. However, as from today, existing members cannot recommend new members for free membership.

For the next few weeks, new members can join very cheaply by buying one of the remaining copies of The Fastest Way to Write Your Book – but only while the current print run lasts. When we print the next batch, the lifetime membership voucher will be removed and the only way to join ideas4writers will be by paying a lifetime membership fee of approximately £100. (The exact amount will be determined at a later date.)

The new content – as you will see shortly – will more than justify the increased cost of becoming a member.

If you aren’t a member yet but have considered joining, now would be a very good time to do so, in order to avoid the membership fee. To join, simply buy a copy of The Fastest Way to Write Your Book – either the e-book or the paperback edition – and send back the lifetime membership voucher that comes with it.

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers,


One thought on “Forthcoming changes at ideas4writers

  1. I subscribed personally by buying your book. Your email updates came through to me for a while but they don’t any more. They do come through to me at work, at Best of British magazine, however.

    How can I get emails sent to my home email address without having to join again?

    Linne Matthews
    Best of British magazine

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