The email services to avoid

About a year ago I wrote an article called Why Spam Filters are bad for Writers – which I recommend you read if you haven’t already.

Unfortunately the situation has not improved. We are continuing to have severe problems getting our messages through. And we are receiving countless complaints from customers who have ordered things from us or requested information and not heard anything in reply – even though we have definitely sent it.

If you’ve ordered an e-book book or requested information from us and not heard anything, please check in your spam or junk folder to see if it is there. If it is not, then it has been blocked by your mail service. Please contact us and we will try sending it again from a different address. Even better, switch to a different email service that doesn’t block things.

From recent experience, here are the email services that I would avoid – the ones that prevent you from receiving information and products you have actually asked (and indeed paid) to receive:

Bigpond (Australia)
MSN ( version seems to be OK)

We have not had any problems with these:

Tiscali (if the spam filter is turned off)

If you can recommend a good email service that doesn’t block anything, please let me know and I’ll add it to the above list.

If you have a spam filter on your email account or installed on your computer I would recommend switching it off or removing it – because who knows what else you might not be receiving?

If your email account is over-run with spam, my recommendation is to close it and set up a new one. Don’t forget to let people know about the change if you want to continue receiving messages from them, and update your address on services such as ideas4writers.

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers,


One thought on “The email services to avoid

  1. Hi, I use ‘Mailwasher Pro’ to control and monitor Spam. I upgraded from the freeware version, available at after using it for a couple of years and being so impressed, I wanted the extra features available on the ‘Pro’ version. This costs just under £20 now, it is well worth it.

    You set up Mailwasher to the same settings as your email account, it then previews the messages on the server, before downloading. You get the option to delete or return the message, it never need land. It provides protection from viruses, those begging emails from bogus princes in Nigeria etc as well as standard Spam. I just wanted to pass this on, the program is so simple and easy to use, more people should know about it.

    Love Ideas4writer, wish I’d known about it before starting my writing course with Oxford Open learning… but that’s another story!
    with best wishes
    Deb Johnson

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