Wizard’s Woe

The latest book from our ethical publishing division i4w2 is published today.

Wizard's Woe

Wizard’s Woe by Marion Athorne and Osbert Norman-Walter is a magical fantasy for teens and adults.

When writer and journalist August Autrey disappears while covering the story of the Forest of Weir and its mysterious wizard and dragon, the villagers believe he has paid the price for being too curious. Two weeks later he returns and furiously types a long manuscript in which he describes the amazing adventures he had in an elfin world hidden within the forest. But why was he in such a hurry to get the manuscript finished? Why did he send it to his landlady’s niece? And where is he now?

Click here for full details and to order your copy for just £5.99 + postage.

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers, http://www.ideas4writers.co.uk


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